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PunBB.NET is a forum written using the ASP.NET technology.

This forum is simple, fast and lightweight. The forum's core itself is only a basis, which allows attaching various extensions to it. This makes it possible for you to have a discussion board,which can be fine-tuned to meet all your requirements prefectly.

PunBB.NET is inspired by PunBB, being its child project. Both these forums utilize similar layouts and functionality, and they both are released under the GPL license.

The main difference between PunBB.NET and PunBB lies in the technology of their implementation.

PunBB.NET beta is the first public version of PunBB.NET.

Key features

  • Extension system based on EventHandlers
  • Microsoft SQL 2005, MySQL and Microsoft Access 2003 support
  • MarkUp like in PunBB 1.3

PunBB.NET team

Our team consists of several programmers and a community which helps in PunBB.NET development by requesting new features and making contributions to the project code.

Anyone who wants to join PunBB.NET development process will be received gladly. You can contact us via e-mail:


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