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Forum news (pun_forum_news)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: stable
  • Current version: 1.0.0

General idea

The extension allows users to mark topics or posts as “news”. News shows at the special page.


A user who have according permission can mark topic or posts. News placed in the special tables “pun_forum_news”. If topic marked as news, subject will be added to the news message. All news are displayed at the special page. News are available via rss feed.


pun_forum_news 1.0.0 (current version)


  • Administrator's menu
    • User » Groups » Edit this group (or Add new group) » Allow users to add forum news. If checked, user of this group will be mark topics or posts as news.
  • Forum's header
    • “News” link (refers to the page with news).
  • Post new topic page, edit post page, reply form, quick reply form
    • “Mark as news” option. If checked, topic or post marked as news.
  • News page
    • Page where posts and topics marked as news appeared.

DB schema

  • New table “pun_forum_news”. Stores information about news.
Field Type Default Description
post_id int(10) Post ID.
forum_id int(10) Forum ID.
poster varchar(200) Name of user, who posted a news.
poster_id int(10) ID of user, who posted a news.
message TEXT News message.
hide_smilies tinyint(1) 0 Show hide smiles in the news message or not.
posted int(10) 0 Time when news was added.

* Additional field in posts table

Field Type Default Description
forum_news tinyint(1) NULL Shows marked post as news or not.

* Additional field in groups table

Field Type Default Description
g_add_forum_news tinyint(1) NULL Shows can user to mark topics and posts as news.

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