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Simpletest provider (pun_admin_simpletest)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: early development
  • Current version: none

General idea

Provide the SimpleTest unit tester files to run extension and core automatic tests.


  • pun_admin_simpletest 1.0
    • Place the SimpleTest codes to /extensions/pun_admin_simpletest/simpletest/.
    • Forum administrator must modify config.php on pun_admin_simpletest installation to connect to the testing DB if we run the tests (see blow).
    • Create base PunBB testing helpers:
      • Simple helpers: add user (registration), category, forum, topic, post (reply).
      • Let them be a methods of the class (let it be named pun_test_case), inherited form the proper WebTestCase SimpleTest testing class. Extensions should use this class for their tests.
      • Place the class into /extensions/pun_admin_simpletest/pun_tester.php.
    • Allow to run tests to the admin only. (This may be tricky due to config.php modification.)
  • pun_admin_simpletest 2.0
    • Scan for the tests in:
      • <FORUM_ROOT>/simpletest.php for the PunBB core test.
      • /extensions/<extension_id>/simpletest.php for the particular extension test.
    • Provide graphical interface in admin console to run the tests found:
      • The list of tests found with checkboxes.
      • Use PunBB admin layout to display the test results.



Add the next lines to the end of your config (<FORUM_ROOT>/config.php):

  // Other DB access here
  // $db_name = 'punbb_test'; // Just an example

Test file

  • Name it simpletest.php
  • Place it into extension's root directory, e.g. /extensions/pun_pm/simpletest.php.
  • Use require_once '../pun_admin_simpletest/pun_tester.php'; and inherit from PunTestCase for your test class, e.g. class test_of_pun_pm extends pun_test_case { … }
  • Open http://<FORUM_URL>/extensions/<extension_id>/simpletest.php to run the extension test, e.g. (You must be logged it as forum administrator.)


  • Track ticket: #159

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