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When making a style there's a couple of things you must have in mind. The most important to make the style work with PunBB. There are two files that PunBB uses for the styles:

  • *.css. This file is the file that contains all the positions and layout for PunBB 1.3
  • *_cs.css. This file is the file that contains the look and colour for PunBB 1.3

To Add a new style:

  • Place them in directory <FORUM_ROOT>/style.

To Change the style:

  • To change only your profile, so only you see the new style you go to profile and Settings
  • To change the forum style then go to the admin panel and settings

Please note: Changing the style in the admin panel will not update current user styles, unless ALL other styles are removed. If the main style in the admin panel is changed then any currently registered users must change theirs manually.

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