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PunBB 2.0


PunBB 2.0 must be:

  1. Secure and stable.
  2. Lightweight, fast and scalable.
  3. User-friendly.
  4. Easily customizable and extensible.

Differences from PunBB 1.3

  • Use the necessary OOP.
    • Better integrability (no name conflicts).
    • More clear code. Less lines of code.
    • Simpler extension system.
      • Every function called may have pre-function and post-function hook (including templates and queries).
      • Ideally, there will not be any direct hook calls.
  • No PHP4 support.
  • Less features in the core (more in extensions).
    • Move out extra BBCode tags like [list].
  • Improved caching.
    • Work without cache (DB only).
    • Work without DB connection (cache only).
  • Very clear default theme.
  • Use substitutes instead of markup hooks. Remove unused before output. E.g. <!– pun:forums:column:2 –> after second column of forum list table.
  • More solid and accurate URL rewriting.
    • Use mod_rewrite.
    • If URL is not found in the current scheme:
      • If it is found in default (general) rewriting scheme, send 301 Moved Permanently HTTP header and redirect to the correct page link (regenerated for the current URL scheme).
      • Else: 404 Not Found.
  • There will be clearly separated steps of building the page in the source code.
    1. Check input values. Fill the $params global array (no any other global variables produced).
    2. Process the page, do all data manipulations. Fill the $result global array (no any other global variables produced).
    3. Display the page, use template.
  • Improved/simplified templating system.
    • Every visual block has its' own templates.
    • Theme may include completely different templates for block and/or pages. Absolutely customizable markup.
    • Page/block template may use only contents of the $result array given. Nothing more.
  • More clear pages:
    • Move forum information from index to the forum page (Forums post)
  • Navigation improvements:
    • Access to forum management section for Moderators (Forums post).
  • Search improvements:





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