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You might want to try out one of the captcha/image verification extensions from PunRes:


Also make sure email verification is enabled in Administration -> Options.

Yep, you can fix it by changing two lines of code in include/parser.php (in function do_smilies to be more specific):

FIND (Line: 360):

    global $smiley_text, $smiley_img;


    global $pun_config, $smiley_text, $smiley_img;

FIND (Line: 366):

        $text = preg_replace("#(?<=.\W|\W.|^\W)".preg_quote($smiley_text[$i], '#')."(?=.\W|\W.|\W$)#m", '$1<img src="img/smilies/'.$smiley_img[$i].'" width="15" height="15" alt="'.substr($smiley_img[$i], 0, strrpos($smiley_img[$i], '.')).'" />$2', $text);


        $text = preg_replace("#(?<=.\W|\W.|^\W)".preg_quote($smiley_text[$i], '#')."(?=.\W|\W.|\W$)#m", '$1<img src="'.$pun_config['o_base_url'].'/img/smilies/'.$smiley_img[$i].'" width="15" height="15" alt="'.substr($smiley_img[$i], 0, strrpos($smiley_img[$i], '.')).'" />$2', $text);

Won't have any effect on the smilies on the board itself, other than they use the full URL instead of the relative one.

And yes, it seems to be fixed in SVN. smile


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Wii looks nice, and I'd want it mostly for the new Legend of Zelda. Too bad it gets quite expensive here in Finland: The console ?269.90 + a game ?69.90 = ?339.80 ($452,64). And if I want an extra controller (who wouldn't want to play it with friends?), that's ?49.90 (or ?77.80 if I want the nunchuck too) == ?389.70 ($519.12). You'd get a pretty good PC (without a monitor) here with that money. hmm


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I'm pretty much tied between MySQL and PostgreSQL... but voted for MySQL since that's what I use the most. I haven't really had a chance (read: I'm too lazy) to try out other databases.


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Awesome! Congratulations! Couldn't have picked better new devs. smile


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All sites should be designed for viewing with any browser on any platform. That's why there are things like stylesheets to separate textual content from graphical details. Which is one of the main reasons why I prefer PunBB over the other forum software out there. smile


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I wouldn't call Flash very cross-platform...

One of the main reasons I dislike Flash is the trouble I would have to go through as a Linux user. I have gotten Flash working in Firefox (which I hardly ever use nowadays) on my Gentoo AMD64 box, but I'm not even going to bother going through all the trouble again for Konqueror. The problem is Adobe not releasing the source code or even working binaries for 64-bit Linux. This also means that you, as a developer, are most likely forced to use Adobe's expensive software since they are the only party who hold the specs for Flash and who can ship a 100% working implementation of design tools for the Flash platform. (This generally applies to almost any proprietary software out there.)

If you don't like some Flash work in 99% of cases blame *developer/designer*, not technology!

You are right. No developer should ever rely on a proprietary technology that doesn't have a working implementation for other than a couple of proprietary platforms. I personally don't mind what operating systems people use, but I dislike developers who don't bother making a website or software work on other than the browser/OS/* they use. It's especially important on the Web, which is meant to be accessible from any platform, including mobile phones, PDAs, etc. regardless of what operating system or browser they are running. Developers should be more interested in making things accessible rather than making them "look good" or "interactive". It's possible to make accessible and really good-looking websites without relying on some technology like Flash. I personally feel that "interactivity" is highly overrated on the Web and I prefer basic (X)HTML pages where I can find the information I'm looking for easily and don't need to figure out why the Back button doesn't work on some Flash page as it does on all other websites.

Just talking about my personal experiences with Flash, sorry for the ranting. smile


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Then the news generator plugin Kato mentioned is probably what you're looking for. Check out the PunBB downloads page for Rickard's "News Generator" plugin.

An easy hack would be to add something like this at around line 39 in profile.php:

if ($pun_user['is_guest'])
    message($lang_common['No permission']);

Should show a "permission denied" message if a guest attempts to view it.


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It would help if we would know what exactly you mean... the layout? Recent posts? News? smile

See if you can find anything helpful in this topic: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=13632


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I've tried mailing lists a couple of times... didn't like it. Too much of a hassle with email clients and all that. I also dislike the threaded view you find in every online mailing list browser (and sites like Slashdot). It's so "incoherent" compared to simple forums, where all the posts are presented nicely under each other in a "flat" manner. smile


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Flash. Overused JavaScript is also bad.


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Maybe Multi Syntax Highlight code extension is what you are looking for?

A good excuse for me to *finally* sign up on that website...

Dugg wink


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"Topic" is more familiar to me on online forums, and other forum software seem to prefer it too. I think "thread" is more common in newsgroups.


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I've been using Vim with set smarttab smartindent textwidth=80 in my .vimrc and it works very well for me. I hate it when lines go over 80 columns because I like to keep my code on another server and edit via SSH in 80x40 term windows, so I still have room for other things on my desktop.

I'm going to hell for recommending Vim for a long-term Emacs user though. smile

Try this:

$text = preg_replace('#\[quote\](.*)\[/quote\]#', '', $text);
$text = preg_replace('#\[quote=([^\[]*?)\](.*)\[/quote\]#', '', $text);

EDIT: Actually, I just noticed that this doesn't work if you have quotes at the end of the string. Probably the best way is to use somekind of loop (as Richard said) that strips the nested quotes first. Here's one that does just that:

$old = null;
while ($text != $old)
    $old = $text;
    $text = preg_replace('#\[quote\]([^\[].*?)\[/quote\]#', '', $text);
    $text = preg_replace('#\[quote=([^\[]*?)\]([^\[].*?)\[/quote\]#', '', $text);


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I saw some topics about this earlier...


Personally I hate it when a website forces me to open the page in a new window (or tab). I have enough windows on my desktop already, if I would want more I would middle click the link. That is another reason why I prefer PunBB over the other forum software. tongue


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Great! Thanks for this update.

iatbm wrote:

Is there any way we can make manual updates ... like for 1.2.11 .... ?

There's a hdiff file here: hdiff-1.2.11_to_1.2.12.html