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Working very well, should be added to the repository, or propose and option to enable/disable post questions.

Excellent job

having the same issue on my forums

PunBB 1.3.5
Operating system: Linux
PHP: 5.3.6
Accelerator: N/A
MySQL Improved 5.0.92

BBCode buttons
Colored usergroups
Post karma
Pun poll
PunBB Repository
Stop spam from bots

Unfortunately it is a hosted plan and I don't have access to the logs.

I can only tell you the server is nginx/1.0.2


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Great work, thanks a lot.

With isn't such a great extension listed in the repository for easy install?


I've successfully installed the Colored Usergroups extension, and can see its CSS included in my pages headers.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="http://www.thk-clan.co.cc/forums/extensions/pun_colored_usergroups/styles.css.php" />

However, that file doesn't generate any CSS but generates an error 500 instead when loaded.
Click here to load the file

Any clue would be welcome.

My Pun version: PunBB 1.3.5

Thank you in advance!

I'm not sure you can do that directly, as that would involve including some PHP to point to the last page or post, and you can only add HTML "fixed" links in PunBB admin interface.

BUT, you can do that if you code your link directly in the PHP file which is responsible for printing the main menu (can't remember which one it is exactly, but you will find some clues in index.php) instead of the PunBB admin interface.

Does it help?

Still having the problem?

Just to know if it's worth finding a solution with you or not.


Possible workaround

I have recently decided to migrate my forum from PunBB 1.2 to PunBB 1.3, but went across that issue too as my database's charset was latin1 (installed in french originally, but then used for international purpose)

I've tried to manually convert my columns to Binary (BLOB) before converting them to UTF8 as suggested, unfortunately this led to the same loss of data because of special characters in topic names or messages (ä, ö, é, ´, ...)

I've finally managed to deal with it just by using MODIFY statements on all the columns for which charset was latin1.
This works as long as the columns are declared as latin1 and the data are really stored in latin1, which is the case in most cases (this will also work with other charsets on the same condition).

I have created a script that converts all your standard PunBB 1.2 database columns to UTF8, keeping the default parameters. Please note that it won't affect manually added tabs or columns (some 1.2 plugins require you to create new colums by hand, CountryFlags does for example), so you have to modify the script in consequence if you are concerned.

You MUST NOT tick the "Enable conversion" when prompted box in db_update.php, as this has already been done by the script. Ticking it will lead to data loss.

<!> Read instructions inside the script before using.

Tested in real conditions and functional, hope this helps, even in july 2011...  smile