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Problem is solved : I had not noticed that time zone selection and summer time choice can be set in general configuration AND in member profile.


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Thanks for the answer, but it does not do what I need : I am looking only for a tooltip, when hover the PM link on top of the pages.


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Hi !
How can I have a tooltip with the lang string 'Private messages' over the link "PM" displayed at the top of each page ?
Thanks in advance

Hello !

I just noticed that the time zone displayed in messages is one hour too late.
ie : I post at 18.00, as displayed on my computer in France. But the post is displayed as if posted at 19.00.
I set the configuration to UTC Western European, Greenwich, with the summer time notched.

What must I do to have the exact timezone displayed in the forum ?


PunBB 1.4.4
PHP: 5.6.27-0+deb8u1

Hello :
On a phpBB forum, somebody quoted my message in an answer, modified my quoted text and included a malicious link. The moderators did not notice it, not checking the text in the quote since it was supposed to be mine.
Is there a way in PunBB to forbid modification of a quote or to forbid any quote (I mean any text styled as a quote) ? Or at least to delete links in a quote ?


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Thank you !
Is there something else of the kind for the latest release of PunBB ?


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I found the administration page to manage the tags.

But I cannot remember how I created the 3 tags that already exist.

For I do not see any input box at the bottom of every message in create/edit mode, as described in the wiki : http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/ … s/pun_tags


Where should I look, please ? Is there a missing lang string ? Is the extension compliant with my PunBB install : v.1.4.4, sqlite3, php5.6


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Thank you.
I can see some of them at the bottom of my main page, here. http://revest.legtux.org/index.php
But I cannot remember how they were added, and if I can modify them. I can see no function to add them in a message, and no function to modify. Is it automatic ?


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Hello !
Does Pun_Tags works with PunBB 1.4.4 ?
I installed it and cannot see anything about it, nowhere. Only that it is installed in the administration panel. I can configure it.
Where should it be displayed ?


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Maybe you could find here is the soluce in English : http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/155990/#p155990


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Many thanks ! You are the best !


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Hello ! Thanks for your extension that works like a charm.
How can I center the video ? I managed it via the css file for all my inserted images. But for the video ???
Thanks in advance for your help.



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Perfect, thanks !!!

How can I center my images in the messages ?
I did not find any bbcode for that. I mean that  [center] [/center] is displayed as text.

I tried with some css  for img and .entry-content img in the css file, but to no avail.

margin:0 auto;text-align:center;

Can anybody help me, please ?

Thank you in advance.

My PunBB is 1.4.4 and the skin derived from Oxygen.

I use FancyStopSpam on my forums. And in case there still are unwanted registrations, I gave only minimum rights to the basic status of new members, and I upgrade manually, one at a time, the real persons to a member category that I created where they are at last entitled to use normally the forum.


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Thanks, I will do so. I thought it would have been convenient and logic to be able to use the rules document without making it a compulsory part of the registration process. Other forums include such amenities.


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Thanks for the answer, but no, it is not what I want.
I want to make the forum rules available.
But I do not want a compulsory check (acceptance) for registration.


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Hi !

I cannot find how to display forum rules without making its acceptance a compulsory step in the registration.

Registration is already difficult with the mail validation step. And adding an other difficulty with the rules acceptance will be too much.

But I want to make the rules available.

If I call the link http://mysite.ext/misc.php?action=rules, the link is invalid.

How can I do this ? And what would be its link, so that I can add it to the menu bar ?



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You are already a member there, you even have admin rights.
I just restored the register link : I had tried fancy folder rewriting + file renaming, and it cannot work, apparently. So, i came back to default file name. But fancy folder rewriting is still enabled.
Thanks for the look.


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Hello !
I just noticed that after implementing url-rewriting with the option folder/fancy, my attachments made with pan_uploader extension cannot be found anymore, after the url was modified
I checked about the files : they are in the uploads folders. But in the extension administration, no file is displayed, either in images or in files. Why did they disappear from administration ?
How can I make them available again ? Must I attach them one by one in every message ? But if I change again the url-rewriting system ... I will have to redo it once more ???


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Okie ! I will check all the forums one by one. I just saw that at least one of them was enabled for writing rights for guests.
Up to now, I had just disabled writing rights in the guests group and I thought that was meant for all forums.
I had not understood whether there is a priority between settings for a single forum and settings for a whole group
Thanks a lot ! You are an angel for newbies.


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Hello !
I got 6 spams tonight from guests and guests are not allowed to post. How is it possible ?
What can I do to prevent this ? Is there a leak ?
If I publish the link here, I could get more spam ...
My install is version 1.4.4 with sqlite 3.
Thanks for any advice

Well : display the pan_uploader icon in its menu bar ... and check if it still works with the sc_wysiwyg  extension.
When I installed sc_wysiwig, the bb_code menubar disappeared and with it the pan uploader icon.

Hello ! Could pan_uploader be used with sc_wysiwyg extension instead of pun_bbcode ?


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After 2 days of testing, I can tell that the renaming stopped the spam registrations, while the url re-writing without renaming did not.