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There's a mod_rewrite mod for punbb out there somewhere.

You won't get the url's you requested but it'll give you something like:



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My provider blocks traffic within the ip range.

If i've got, i cant even ping an other ip in the 1.2.3.x range.

Perhaps your isp does the same thing ?


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Look into include/parser.php

Around line 250 you should see the part where smilies are parsed to images. Change or delete the width and height elements.

This part, around line 260:

$message = preg_replace("#(?<=.\W|\W.|^\W)".preg_quote($smiley_text[$i], '#')."(?=.\W|\W.|\W$)#m", '$1<img src="img/smilies/'.$smiley_img[$i].'" width="15" height="15" alt="'.$smiley_text[$i].'">$2', $message);

in help.php edit this line (162):

echo ' '.$lang_help['produces'].' <img src="img/smilies/'.$cur_img.'" width="15" height="15" alt="'.$cur_text.'"><br>'."\n";


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Rickard, i thought i've seen it before somewhere big_smile (d0h)

What exactly does 'lang_multibyte' do in the language common file ?


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If you enable it in the forum options users see a small dot in front of topics they've posted in.


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If you have custom date settings, for example: d-m-Y instead of Y-m-d the ban date gets reformatted when editing,
even though you entered in Y-m-d format originally.

Expire date
The date when this ban should be automatically removed (format: YYYY-MM-DD). Leave blank to remove manually.

A solution would be to parse the ban date using your forum setting or not including the setting when editing and only providing a default non-changeable format.

Don't know if this is a bug but moderators can change the name of an admin user.
This shouldn't be possible imho.

Just happened to me as a joke, didn't really like it though smile


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How about adding a var to the language pack for the text alignment.
Something like ltr and rtl (left-to-right and right-to-left) could be usefull.


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Razmooze, have you uncommented the line following this one:

// Uncomment the next row if you add smilies that contain any of the characters &"'<>

Its in parser.php just below the smileys array.

Don't like the :X smiley at your forum though, looks like a smiley with scissors pasted to its face.


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If you've got shell access you can try the patch file.


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Yes they do :X

I use that one quite often.

I like the A version of the :X smiley.


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MarkOV wrote:

E.g. my title is New Member, and when I type "custom title" or something else, I get the title "custom title".

Admins can always change their title. I've tried logging in as a regular user a while ago and i couldn't change the title if the permissions were set that way.

Check Admin --> Permissions --> Users --> Users may set title


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Those smileys DO look familiar smile

Anyway.... fix your help.php, you still have 15x15 smileys in there.

I like your cms, the caching seems to run quite good. 0 queries, nice smile

You could look at geeklog sometime, geeklog uses a dir outside of public_html for config files, logfiles, etc.


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Thats kind of true big_smile

Anyway, i'm happy with the way it works atm. Most of my users have form mail enabled.

Maybe there could be an admin option for forcing form mail?


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When opening your site memory usage jumps from 20 megs to 60+ megs.
It allso takes about 10 seconds before i get to see anything.

It's kind of big imho, uses about 1 meg if i save it to hd.


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On a few big forums i'm on they are using the gd library to show the email adress.
You can't click the image.

This is an ideal solution IMHO, if someone really wants to mail you they won't stop just because they have to type the email adress smile


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I think he probably wants to know how you enabled it ? smile

Look up this part in common.php:

// Enable debugging by removing // from the following line
//define('PUN_DEBUG', 1);

You can find this at lines 26 and 27

To enable just delete the // on the second line.

I was asking about the changes of EFAM v1.2 over v1.1 smile

If you'd need such a function just use the php gd lib, netpbm or imagemagick libraries. You don't have to make your own code for that.

Then again, why would you want to resize a 1000x1000 picture to 60x60 and find out it looks like crap because of the proportions.

What exactly are the changes over v1.1 ?

I'd like to see a function so that you can delete multiple messages at once, like the delete multiple posts function.

If you've got a lot of messages it's a pain if you want to delete all of them.


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I've been looking through the mod requests, then this came along.

Looks like someone allready requested it.


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I know that function, but i would like to hide for example only 1 category/forum wich members can access but guests can't even see.