Topic: Free PunBB converter being sold elsewhere


A couple of people have mailed me lately with questions regarding the converter. When one of them said that they've bought the converter I asked what he meant as it's available for free here:

In the reply I got this link to where the converter is sold: … Itemid=153

Agora is the PunBB "version" for Joomla if I've understood it all correct.

I haven't made any development on the converter for at least a couple of years now so it's far from updated. It feels wrong somehow that they're selling a non-updated version of the converter that's available for free... and should be available for free.

Anything I can/should do about this?

Re: Free PunBB converter being sold elsewhere

I don't see any copyright or license notes in the converter code. So it can be hard to prove something. I think you can write them an e-mail and ask to remove your converter.

Maybe someone else can advise you what to do.