Topic: Bug in the extension system

A bug in the extension system was found. I suggested a fix. I would like to ask extension developers for help in testing. Please, download the last revision of PunBB from SVN and test if your extensions work correctly. Thank you.

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Re: Bug in the extension system

Maybe more correctly use global instead $GLOBALS? Just style as defined other globals var in forum code.

Re: Bug in the extension system

1. If we use 'global' every hook code will contain 'global $ext_info_stack;'. I think several global definitions in a scope isn't so pretty.

2. One of the developers has already used $GLOBALS['base_url'] in that piece of code.

3. cache_hooks.php contains an auxiliary code generated by the forum script. It's not a problem if this code violates PunBB code style convention.

4. According tests $GLOBALS is a little bit faster.

That's why I've chosen $GLOBALS.