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PunBB 1.3.5 is released

1.3.4 to 1.3.5 changes

  • a lot of bugs fixed (CSS & markup, added missing lang entries on language files, correct path and alerts on install, fixed typos and more);

  • hidden guest email;

  • increased visit timeout;

  • deleting non-activated users on registering;

  • correct deprecated function calls;

  • added paginal navigation on pages admin users and bans, added validation timezone and report length, added hooks;

How to upgrade

  • make a backup of the database and files;

  • turn the Maintenance mode on (via admin panel);

  • overwrite old files with new ones;

  • after owerwriting, verify that the cache, img/avatars and extensions (for pun_repository) directories have enough write permissions (usually 777);

  • clear cache directory;

  • go to the forum index and run db_update.php script;

  • turn the Maintenance mode off.

A note to developers
Please check your extensions, styles and language packs for compatibility with the version 1.3.5. The following may be of use to you:

Downloads: get the latest PunBB on Downloads page or via Subversion repository.

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at last big_smile


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just got the email then come around to see the new version

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Upgrade already: D


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thanks!!! i will try it

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Great !!!

I don't speak English, but Google Translate is doing pretty good.