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Topic: Using true xhtml - application/xhtml+xml

I was disepointed with the results I got out of the *one* forum I expected to be able to do it.

There are several reasons way one would run punbb as true xhtml ... basicly I'm doing it to import/export data to/from other aplications (only xml files are accepted by them...).

Not only does punbb look like crab when being served as "application/xhtml+xml" it also has loads of problems and xml errors ...

XML-parsefout: onjuist gevormd
Locatie: http://bodram.dev.revision-base.net/punbb/moderate.php?fid=6&tid=9&p=1
Regelnummer 82, kolom 84:        <p class="conr"><input type="submit" name="delete_posts" value="Delete" disabled /></p>

XHTML Validator:

Below are the results of checking this document for XML well-formedness and validity.

   1. Error Line 60 column 9: there is no attribute "name".

          <a name="9"></a>

   2. Error Line 90 column 84: the name and VI delimiter can be omitted from an attribute specification only if SHORTTAG YES is specified.

      ...lete_posts" value="Delete" disabled /></p>

Maybe its a bug maybe its not ... I just wanted to get your opinion on it.

edit: added the validator quote wink


Re: Using true xhtml - application/xhtml+xml

Should be in programming.

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Re: Using true xhtml - application/xhtml+xml

not sure, they clame to be valid xhtml and apparently they are not. so it could be considerd a bug.

Using "application/xhtml+xml" duiring develpment could solve some of the problems. If pages are served as "text/html" most browsers just read the code as badly formed html, when serverd as "application/xhtml+xml" every x(ht)ml error will give a nice error page ...

edit agen: Some one pointed out that it would not fix errors like *<a name="9"></a>* simply couse xml alowes you to make your own atributes ... changed "problems like this" to "some of the problems" ... roll


Re: Using true xhtml - application/xhtml+xml

I'm afraid you will have to wait for the next version. 1.3 is actaully being developed/tested as application/xhtml+xml and actually seems to work as text/xml. The default for the release version will be text/html but there will be a content negotiation extension. Its too late in the day to do anything with 1.2 now. You should however be aware that the automated validator does not handle application/xhtml+xml and it is therefore normal for content negotiation scripts to serve the page as text/html to the validator (unless of course the recent improvements/bug fixes to the validator have taken care of this)

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Glad to here 1.3 will work  with "application/xhtml+xml".

./msg ProjectServ REQUEST reset:deadline time:not set
<ProjectServ> request not accepted, project deadline remains.

As for the W3C validator ... right now we copy/past code in to it as we are developing on a VPN network. But thx for pointing it out.

Re: Using true xhtml - application/xhtml+xml

What did you copy/paste to get that quote from the validator?

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Re: Using true xhtml - application/xhtml+xml

source code I got from "moderate.php?fid=6&tid=9&p=1" ... "delete multiple" posts in a original 1.2.14 ver.
EDIT: to make it a bit more ... When only one post is available to delete.

I love edits

Re: Using true xhtml - application/xhtml+xml

Thanks smile