hmm... oki.. thx! big_smile

Just a brief question; do you prefer "... inlägg i timmen" or as it is now "... inlägg per timme"?

Wouldn't it be better if update_online.php was put in its own folder punonline under include? (like the case with punpoll and pms)
I think it would be more well structured that way wouldn't it?

I guess it is only a matter of updating point 6 in the install instructions though...

Fixed it... install instructions will come shortly.

Edit: look at post on top.

The following should be put in the file index.php at line 189.
I'm currently working on making it language-dependent wink.

// Activity barometer mod (B. Rasmus Anthin)
$result = $db->query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ".$db->prefix."posts WHERE posted > ".(time()-7*24*3600)) or error('Unable to fetch online list', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
$posts_week = $db->result($result);
$result = $db->query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ".$db->prefix."posts WHERE posted > ".(time()-30*24*3600)) or error('Unable to fetch online list', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
$posts_day = $db->result($result);
$posts_h = $posts_day/24;
if ($posts_h<1)
   if ($posts_day<1)
      echo "<BR>Totalt $posts_week antal inlägg under senaste veckan.";
      echo "<BR>Totalt $posts_day antal inlägg under senaste dygnet.";
   echo "<BR>I snitt ".number_format($posts_h,1)." inlägg per timme.";


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Hmmm.... it sure indeed sounds complicated. Hmmm... to bad. Maybe it is possible to go around this with some tricks or so, who knows... yikes)
I've got a feeling I will have to dig in deep into the forum's heart to be able to solve this if possible roll


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I didn't know really where to post this. But I guess this is where I should put this question (if not in feature requests forum).
Pehaps I've just forgotten to read about it somewhere...

I'm a little annoyed about the fact that I can't seem to search for a specific string in the Search page on the forum. It seems that I can only search for words. Using a lot of boolean operators in between doesn't help much since the words are searched for independently in the document. Anyone has had a thought about this before? Or is it just me lacking of knowledge?

Hmmm... maybe it would be possible to make a conversion script that takes a new_<style>.png and creates a corresponding <style>.png poll-image. I think it would be possible with only the available routines supported by php, wouldn't it?
After all, the poll-image is just a one-pixel width slice of the bars, right?

Just a thought...

Mmmm... nah... mathml seems to complicated to use compared to LaTeX (which I've decided to use, mainly due to its versatility) and the results from asciimath doesn't look good enough IMHO. hmm


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(street-> sesame street -> sesame seeds)


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(wow, that's ambitious wink)

Ok... I have it almost figured it out by now. That is, the formula to image conversion part. However there is just a tiny problem left sad. I use the convert command from ImageMagick in order both to trim the excess white canvas around the formula, and to convert the ps file to a png-file. However nohting appears to be generated. I've looked virtually everywhere for answers (Google, usenet,, etc...) but didn't find much. However I found a norwegian smile thread on usenet with the same(?) problem. It seems that convert is dependent on the library-file, but I've failed to add the path in the environmental variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
The code I've made looks like this:


$oldld = getenv('LD_LIBRARY_PATH');
$newld = "/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/openwin/lib";
if ($oldld) $newld .= ":$oldld";
echo getenv("LD_LIBRARY_PATH")."<BR>";

$FNAME = 'formula';

$cmd[0]="/usr/ed-pkg/sup.phc/b/binh/latex ".$FNAME.".tex";
$cmd[1]="/usr/ed-pkg/sup.phc/b/binh/dvips -f ".$FNAME.".dvi > ".$FNAME.".ps";
$cmd[2]="/usr/ed-pkg/sup.phc/b/binh/convert -trim ".$FNAME.".ps ".$FNAME.".png";
$cmd[3]="rm *.dvi";
$cmd[4]="rm *.log";
$cmd[5]="rm *.aux";

passthru($cmd[2]." 2> /dev/stdout");


and the error I get is: convert: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

This is quite frustrating >:(
any hints would be appreciated!

Edit: I've updated the code above a little. I found that the library exists under the /usr/openwin/lib/ directory. However it didn't solve anything. It still doesn't understand where the library/ies are. *sigh*

you mean with the "RE:"-thingy I just altered?!


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Sooo... any thoughts on why I get this "bug"? Is it just my foolishness once more? tongue


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Yep, agree.. I did so myself... smile

Yes yes... now I remember... wink
I recollect I did a matlab function for that a long time ago big_smile
Ok... then I think I have some stuff to work with... Thx a bunch Rickard!!!


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*blushing* yikes)
...say no more

You might consider me stupid. But what is the timeformat for "SOMETIME". I took a peak at the db tables and it seems the time format is some sort of serial date number (like matlab's now). This is just a guess. To tell the truth, I know virtually nothing about mysql besides some few commands/queries for creating and deleting tables and such...
Sorry for my ignorance sad


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for instance, when you enter a thread with a lot of posts then you probably don't want to read all of them from the top, but you just want to view the last few posts in the thread. I think that this scenario is more common than the one in which you've entered a thread you've never read before.
What I mean is to set the viewtopic argument to something like this:

I guess I should alter something in viewforum.php but I'm not sure about where.. hmm

Edit: ok.. perhaps "redirect" was a bad choice of word in this instance.

I have tried to experiment with LaTeX2HTML but it seems it (or I) doesn't work properly. So I have been thinking about converting from .tex to .gif the following way:

tex -> dvi -> ps -> gif

however since I get the image of the whole page, I want to (auto)crop the image. Does anyone know a way to do this, by using GhostScript (or something else available on most unix/linux-systems)?

Btw, is there a way of getting the number of posts during an interval of time?


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I think Chacmool already implemented this in his etek-forum but wouldn't it be nice to have it like an intrinsic feature in punBB? Btw, how did you do it Chacmool? smile

(P.S. I didn't find any thread dealing with this, though it seems logical that this topic has been discussed earlier, in that case, feel free to close this thread and link to that thread instead.)

Hi, again...
This is quite an old idea I fealt should be resurrected. Sometimes it could be useful to display formulas and such and to do it with ascii-graphics is not always such a good idea. So I thought it might be a good idea to incorporate such a mod for punBB, especially for Universities and the like. The initial idea was to use LaTeX2HTML as an engine for creating gifs that are displayed on the forum (in simple words). This could be done I guess, since php works in a fire-forget manner (right?), so that the first time someone enters a formula, a message will be displayed to the user; "please wait while processing your formula(s)" or something and then the resulting gif will be sent to a image-cache (eg; /img/formulas/) which then can be pruned at the same time as the posts are pruned. The html-files produced, among with other gifs (like "next", "prev" and "home" -buttons) are then immediately removed of course.

Any thoughts on this idea?