Yup... but i discovered the fault now. It was a stupid comma that I forgot to put after a translation string in the se_common.php file.


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So, now... back to the original question... *hrrm*
Why does it bail out as I change the language from english to swedish? I realize there could be a thousand factors involved, but, any ideas possibly?

Oh no! I'm such an IDIOT!!!

there was a code fragment left in the config.php file (I should've realized that  before):

$language = 'se';


define('PUN', 1); 


*getting desperate* :_(

yup... hmm.... this is really weird.

The files I altered (and thus changed back) was:


...But now, when I changed the files back to their previous state, I got this error message instead:

The file 'config.php' doesn't exist or is corrupt. Please run install.php to install PunBB first.

and of course if I click on "install.php" I get this:

The file 'config.php' already exists which would mean that PunBB is already installed. You should go here instead.

but I already knew that.

yep... I even had Swedish on befor I modded the forum


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Arcade games from the 80's

but where do I put the file language.php?

ok smile

Great! Thanx man!!!
I'll try it out ASAP!

Perhaps it is a good idea to incorporate check for earlier installations in your install script. yikes)

I got an error during install. Should I ignore it?

An error was encountered 
File: /home/smyrnaky/public_html/punbb/upload/install_mod.php
Line: 40

PunBB reported: Unable to add column poll to table ungdom_topics 
Database reported: Duplicate column name 'poll' (Errno: 1060) 

In what way does it not work together with PunPoll?
Also, the URL to your test forum seems to be dead.


Was wondering if there is any mod out there for individual language selection so that different users can select from a list of different languages just like they select a theme?

If not, I might try to do it myself.
I guess such a mod would only affect profile.php and config.php, right?


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Ev!L-E!NsTe!N wrote:

I would expect a nice skin for a PunBB Skin Zone, but the skin your using kindá sucks.. :$

That wasn't very polite now, was it? sad


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Well, I've made my own set of smileys... some are ripped (sorry for that) and some are my own.
Perhaps something of use?
click here
Unfortunately the smilies >:), >:( and O:) gets some funny characters after the smiley image. Dunno why tho.

Edit: fixed the old/dead link


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Japp... det var så dålig aktivitet på elektroforumet så jag tänkte det skulle gå snabbare att få svar här hehe smile
Lite redundans kan ju aldrig skada.

Men dubbelt tack ändå wink
Jag får se hur det går...


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Jag har kommit på att jag lagt forumet på ett dumt ställe, så nu vill jag flytta forumsåsen från exvis katalogen:


till katalogen


Hur göra,, utan att riskera att det blir fellänkat å sånt dvs...