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Ok so I come and go as I have been busy. So could someone please explain this to me. What is the difference now of FluxBB and PunBB? Why would PunBB be related to another forum if its different as it should be promoting itself? What exactly did I miss? Smarty former PunBB developer? What is that BS about? That type of stuff? Just wondering so I know where to go for my forum software I always knew and liked. And the people I was and am more familiar with. Thanks.

use the user management plugin that was released. It allows you to deal with all of that.

yes matt which is why it still exists where you can still go to that domain name and it will just redirect you. That itself means its still out there and has its meaning.

just type punbb.org it stil ltakes you same place. Wow you people are irritating in the sense of just a simple domain name.

Just search your stylesheet for the links section of it and change the hover link for that corresponding link that needs changed.


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well all of them to make absolutely everything blend backgrounds.

that is if they all contain the background color declaration.


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by going to that link you supplied and scrolling to bottem it gives you the css code to create the effect of both left and right blocks.


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just remove all the background clors in your stylesheet for the css code. That will then make it take the transparent effect adn use the image as the background.


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nope some people just like to declaration different from the value it holds. Some people will use all caps. Some will use all lowercase. Makes no difference.


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anyone else wanna give it a shot as i havent heard from quaker in a while even fro email.


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Sub forums would be the best officially supported extextion ever! Actually it would be one of the best. I can use it in almost every board I use to make things so much easier and more organized.


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So any time frames Quaker when you could have that layout done by? Just wanted to get a good timeframe so I know so I can make plans to get everything done in a certain time frame.


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yea theres user management mod where you can create the username s and login but if you only want them to have access after signing up just do it so guest cant view boards until logged in. And make them verify there email as well by having it generate them a random password and sending it to there email.


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Hey Really liking it so far the only thing i think needs changed that i cant seem to like is the background for the title bars. The lines there. like the hover yellow thats cool but jsut can't seem to see the basic dark lines there fitting with the text. If something else could be done to that part i think you got a good one for us really love the top right login box area.


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here is a start for a ide of setup.


ill try to find more. Now note this is just content display so if this gives you good ideas let me know but mean time ill look around for others.

and btw the link setup would be changed obviously as with it integrating into forums i wouldnt have a set number of links to use images to perfectly setup like they did. so this is just idea how i want it so i can make my frontpage look clean and such just like this but i want that twist that gives it its special unique feel.

when i look around thats the best idea i have found close to what i want. So if it could be semi like that but arrange however and twisted for uniquenes then that be great.  Let me know whos interested and ways of contact and we will talk. Looking to get this going real soon/asap.

but just inc ase theres this. Just for style ideas


there site itself looks appealing.


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will try to have all the examples posted for you tomorrow. thanks


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Stoneface wrote:

I'd ber able to do it.
I own a design forum and have designed a few skins for it.  Message me on msn for more info.


I have added you but may I ask are you sure your able to asist in this as I just read a current post of yours leading me to believe you don't even have the understanding of the punbb files at all yet as it was jsut dealing with an installation.


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OK so now for the information. First off I would like for this layout to not be distributed for download after made as I would like it to be made unique for just my board. This is why I am more than glad to pay for this layout. Now with that said below are a few requirements for me to except someone to create this for me.

1. You must be well known around these boards. If it is someone knowns who has a friend that will do it I would gladly use there service if only the transfers of the files go through you.

2. I need the one who will be doing this to be able to later update the layout to work with 1.3 when its out of beta  down the road.

3. I would like to see some of your more respected work. Basically some work that you have done that many others have loved or complimented. This could even be something you justw ant to show we as an example of other work you have done that you are very proud of.

Now that we have established that below is the urrent information which will be updated with new things as I can get everything together such as examples. As of now I don't have the example site ready but I can provide some starting basic information.

1. Our color scheme we are going for is wanted to consist of blues reds or greens in a way of looking professional but yet still have the gaming effect to it as it will be a gaming site.

2. Our forum is based off of FPS online multiplayer games. These games many consist of Counter-strike: source, Condition Zero, Counter-strike: 1.6, Day of Defeat: Source, Call of duty 4, and team fortress 2.

3. Presented on the site will be areas which will show team rosters, records/statistics, advertisements, sponsors, recent threads, news, and maybe a few other little things. (This informatiob is just for an idea as we will be using a frontpage to display these items.)

4. Examples.... Coming soon.

This is some basic info just to maybe have some colors/setups thought up. I will have a example soon. If you have any more information that you find that would be very helpful to you please feeel free to ask.


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Ok thanks talking to a few members and will shortly post the information if weather permits. Storming slightly here and keeps knocking my internet out.


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I dont have any examples right off hand but the theme of my stuff is online gaming. I need a layout that looks professionl is  a sense but still gets your gaming theme across. I also need it so that it will be able to add  in things nicely onto a frontpage to easily make it match up. Thats about all  i can really say atm but ill try to get a even better sense of what i need and post here soon. I was just trying to get interested people first.


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Im looking for someone who is really good at making forums templates for punbb of course. I am in need of a custom one and am willing to pay for one to be done. If anyone is interested please be someone whos been around the forums and also make sure you are able to make some really nice templates. To contact me just let your email here or msn and ill get ahold of you. thanks.


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Ok well I have read how the beta should not be used in realtime just yet as youtr actual board. I understand this and obviously that makes sense. Currently im starting a new project which involves using a forums and punbb is my choice of forums. So with that said, since 1.3 shouldn't be used the next best thing would be 1.2.17. In the end I really want to have 1.3 as my board when beta is over so my question is will there be a simple way to go from 1.2.17 or whatever the 1.2.* is at the time to the 1.3 first release? Because this board is one where I may be dealing with many members and post/topics and I need to be sure I can properly move these in an easy fashion. With that said if the answer is yes could someone explain what way it will be done just so I have the idea of whats happening ahead of time. Im sure the answer is yes im just getting all information now so I can get started.

Smartys wrote:
orlandu63 wrote:

So why does PunBB still support PHP4, a discontinued product?

Because we can. We don't use any PHP 5 only features, so there's no reason to drop support.

orlandu63 wrote:

One of the devs answered that "PunBB does not require any features of PHP5." But what about the future of PunBB?

When we want/need those features, we can raise the version requirement. There's no reason to arbitrarily raise the version required. We have no problem doing so when necessary (eg: PunBB 1.3 requires at least PHP 4.3, which is a higher requirement than 1.2, and also requires a newer version of MySQL).

orlandu63 wrote:

There are many great new classes and functions that come with PHP5, like filter_* and PDO.

"This vulnerability is also one of the reasons why we do not recommend using ext/filter for user input filtering/validation. Whenever there is a fault in the code the application might be open for attacks and only the admin of the server is able to fix this. This is especially bad in shared hosting environments."
We have our own DB layer set up, I don't see why we need another abstraction layer.

orlandu63 wrote:

SimpleXMLElement and XMLWriter will allow you to easily parse extension info and syndicate feeds.

Seems to me like we're already doing fine parsing extension info, and that code could be used to syndicate feeds as well (I think). What's the problem?

orlandu63 wrote:

And SPL will be great once (if) PunBB becomes OO.

Super. But it isn't. So it's irrelevant wink

orlandu63 wrote:

There is absolutely no reason to not discontinue PHP4 support, and move on to PHP5.

Except for the fact that we neither want nor need the features given to us only in PHP5. We don't want to stop support for the sake of stopping support. If there are compelling reasons (like there were in 1.3), then we raise the version number.

Smarys ownt you with his e-knowledge! smile


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Thanks everyone. Sorry for late reply just was real busy lately.


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