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I looked at the URL you sent me. For some reason the script seems to exit partway through the first item. You might want to check your error logs.

daniel_jalkut wrote:

Update: I get the content I was expecting with the desired formatting simply by uncommenting an existing "content:encoded" output line that was in the script, and adding the required namespace reference to the rss header tag.

That's exactly what I meant by "having the time to do so". I'd created the "formatted" version, but didn't have time to track down the namspace reference issue so it didn't validate.

Well, encode_xml encodes the content so the feed is valid. It could certainly be done in a more elegant way - it just takes someone with the time to do it.

For example, your feed is invalid:

http://feedvalidator.org/check.cgi?url= … %2Frss.php

I guess it would be handy if someone would compare the two so people know the differences when they are trying to choose. I won't have time for a while, but if I get some I'll take a look. If yours is better, I'll switch myself. smile

I don't understand what this does differently/better than the one I posted, can you elaborate?

The proper way to secure RSS feeds is with 401 authentication, because that is what the feed readers support. However getting 401 authentication information to PHP is problematic in some PHP configurations. You want to avoid it if you can.


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I'd compare 1.2.4 with your modded version and make changes as necessary.


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Sorry, I tried to make it clear in the initial post. I didn't do two installs into the same database, I'm actually using the same user and post data on both sites, but with different config data.

I split my forums and moved some from alexking.org to kingdesign.net. However, I didn't want my users to have to register again or maintain a separate profile on both sites, so sharing the data seemed like a good solution. The first blog post link in the original post describes this in depth.

I adapted Alex Gorbatchev's excellent dp.SyntaxHighlighter to work with PunBB.

Blog post: http://www.alexking.org/blog/2005/03/16 … for-punbb/

Download: http://www.alexking.org/software/punbb/ … ighter.zip


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The design isn't available but I've published the mods. I thought seeing them implemented might be useful to someone. Also, I thought people might be interested in reading about how to run two PunBB installs off the same database in case somenoe runs into a similar situation I had.


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Sorry, the site design isn't available for use by others.


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I've implemented PunBB for the forums on my business site. The implementation is fairly vanilla on the surface, stock install with my Active Topics mod and RSS mod, and a little code syntax highlighting addition.

However there is a little more complexity below the surface. I'm actually sharing the same user and post data from my alexking.org forums.

For anyone interested in more in-depth details, check out my blog:

http://www.alexking.org/blog/2005/03/15 … tegration/
http://www.alexking.org/blog/2005/03/16 … ge-forums/

Let me re-phrase: How would *anyone* access the RSS feeds?

Actually, that is a very major issue. How do they log in?

It would be possible to build authentication into the feed, but there are several isssues with this.

If you don't have any authentication and remove the guest allowance code, then guests would be able to read the forums through the RSS feeds even if not allowed through the main interface.

Works fine.

No, RSS feeds are generally 'latest items'. It is working as intended.

For example, I might have someone who wants to follow the localization forum for one of my products. They subscribe to the feed for the appropriate localization forum and they can see all new posts that get added in that forum, regardless of the thread. Then if they want to chime in, they can.

I'm sorry, I don't understand. When I look at the feed for Tasks Pro : Installation Support:


It shows the most recent posts in Tasks Pro : Installation Support as expected.

I've modified this RSS mod found here:


to support RSS feeds for Categories, Forums and Topics (Latest Posts is still included of course). I also added code to exclude posts that are not visible to guests (I think, someone may want to check this).


It takes up the full space here:


Ahh, deleting the cached config settings fixed everything right up.

I hope I'm just being an idiot here, but I can't bring my forums out of maintenence mode either. Here is what I did:

1. Move the 1.1.5 forums to a new location
2. Move the 1.2.1 forums to the /forums/ location
3. Run the upgrade to 1.2 and upgrade to 1.2.1 scripts
4. Note that I am somehow logged out and now see the 'Maintenence Mode' message
5. Run the 'turn_off_maintenance_mode.php' script included in 1.2.1, I never see anything but the maintenance message.

I have manually edited the o_maintenance value to 0 in the config table, it does not appear to have had any effect.

Anyone have any ideas?

Looks like the ORDER BY line is wrong. It should be:

    ORDER BY t.last_post DESC

(was missing the DESC)

Ok, I've hacked together a version that should work with PunBB 1.2.1.

You can download it here:

http://www.alexking.org/software/punbb/ … .2.php.zip

Let me know if it misbehaves.

The way I'd do that is by buffering that content into a text file (on new post) then including the cached snippet in the other page.