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I'm trying to update from pun 1.4.4 to pan 1.4.5. When I try to run admin/db_update.php, I get an error

You don't have permission to access /forum/admin/db_update.php on this server.
Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

I just made an update run from v1.3.2 through every version to v1.4.4 without any problems. But running db_update.php for v1.4.5 occures this error.

Any hints?

Edit: Founbd a solution!

First, I copied only admin/db_update.php from pan v1.4.5, executed it and then I copied all other files from pan v.1.4.5 - et voila!


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Hi there,

I'm using 'reCAPTCHA for punBB' in version 1.2 at my site. Before I switched to 'reCAPTCHA for punBB' I used 'Antispam System' from the punbb development team. Unfortunally, I still get 5 up to 10 bot accounts every day. It's as much as before. Can you help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot an kind regards,


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Hi rajuru,

thanks for your support. Unfortunaly, it still doesn't work. What else can I do?!?

My best,


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rajuru wrote:

To update on topic post only, Uncheck Update Posts from Settings->Features->Pun Twitter section

Aaah, ok. Well, I just filled in all necessary settings but it doesn't work... Please take a look at the image. Curiously, there is some sourcecode under the form:



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Hi rajuru,

great extension! Can you please post an example for \pun_twitter\lang\English\pun_twitter.php or a readme-file? I don't know exactly, how to fill the following settings:

- Punbb twitter
- Update posts
- Update topics
- Short URL
- Skip forum
- Skip forum desc

And I just want to tweet new topics, no new posts... is it possible?

Thx a lot so far :-)


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Utchin wrote:

Look at http://fluxbb.org/wiki/developing_extensions It will help.

This topic does not exist yet...

MattF wrote:

Have you examined the meta headers on both of those pages, perchance?

Sure, I have: index,follow.

MattF wrote:

Btw, how the hell is anyone other than yourself supposed to look at your site when it requires authentication?

You just have to enter a username - what a drama...

MattF wrote:

I personally have absolutely no intention of registering on any site when the owner wants help.

So let it be. You do not have to register anywhere. You just have to type 'forum' for authentication. The forum isn't public yet, because of the described problem with doublicate content. Sure, I could deny robots by robots.txt, but it is not as secure as a simple htaccess-auth.

MattF wrote:

Make it public or don't post the link.

Post an answer or don't post. You are not forced to answer! I would be happy, if we could discuss the real cause of this topic and not, if a single user likes authentication or not...

Slavok wrote:

These links led to the same page, because post with id 12 is start post of topic 5.
And what are the advantages, in your opinion, of displaying post-URL with this or that URL?

Obviously, you don't understand the problem. Does the term 'doublicate content' ring a bell with you?

Googlebot (and all other crawlers) will crawl /forum/post12.html and /forum/topic5-berichtefotos-zum-affiliatestammtisch-in-hamburg.html. What will they find?!? Exactly the same page on two differetn URLs... that's really not good. Take a look @ http://www.google.com/search?hl=en& … p;ct=title


I want to refer to http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … urls-bug/. This topic is closed, but the properly problem isn't solved. Please take a look @

http://www.affiliate-marketing.de/forum … mburg.html



The requested username is forum - no password needed.

These links are placed on http://www.affiliate-marketing.de/forum … ungen.html

At first view, all seems to be ok, all links are working, no problems so far.


http://www.affiliate-marketing.de/forum … mburg.html



are exactly the same pages with the same content!! Even if you post a new answer, you are referred to an URL like http://www.affiliate-marketing.de/forum/post15.html#p15 but it MUST be an file based URL like http://www.affiliate-marketing.de/forum … g.html#p15

If you subscribed a topic, the URL in the mail is like http://www.affiliate-marketing.de/forum … .html#p12, too...

The date & time links of the several postings (09.02.2009 16:46:54) are also linking like http://www.affiliate-marketing.de/forum … .html#p12.

It's horrible doublicate content!

When using url folder- or file-based URL-schemes, all URLs must be the same scheme to prevent doublicate content. This is definitively indispensable!

See topic: how to execute php code in main.tpl?

MattF wrote:

Yup. That would take post whoring to new heights.

Don't think so. My forum is a very specific, good moderated forum. It's to entice some users away from rival forums. The points can be sawpped to tokens for some offered services. See no problem. Crappy posts will be deleted and the points will be removed.


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Hi there,

can I activate several users manually via administration panel? Cannot find this feature...


I need an extension, where the users account will be charged with scores for every new topic and replies. For example, when a user opens a new topic he will be credited with 3 scores. For a new reply, the user will be credited with 1 score. The admin has to declare in the administration, what action will be charged whith how many scores
In the user-profile, you should be able to see the amount of scores of each user. The admin must be able to add and to remove scores from user-accounts.


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is there an extension howto somewhere?!? Can't find it...



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Hey Garciat,

take a look at http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … -signs-up/ and http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … archwords/ smile

I need an extension, where administrators can add and name own input-fields to the registration-form. Right now, there ist Username, Email, Email-Confirmation, Timezone and DST. I need further informations about my registred users, such as company or facebook-link.

The custom input-fields must be able to be flagged as 'required' and 'optional'. A title and a description for each field would be great:

Facebook: [..............] (required) - the URL to your facebook-profile
Company: [..............] (optional) - please fill in your company-name
Custom field x: [..............] (optional) - blah
Custom field y: [..............] (required) - blub

These infos have to be shown on the public profile-page. Each user must be able to edit these informations in his account. It's a great extension-idea, isn't it wink

When a user uses the forum-search, it would be profitable when the used searchwords were highlighted in the postings smile


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is it possible to implement a template-engine, Smarty for example?!? It would be a very great feature and would ease the deep-work with punbb...

Thanks und thumbs up, a great BB!!