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i think the problem in the where you set the default value=0 or value =1, when you are going to click on no , but the default value=1 of the option1 , so i think this is the problem , so don;t set the default value.

your link directory is related to sports only?
what is the google page rank of your directory?

when i am click on the movie and tv is not open .......


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Paul wrote:

Why would there be?

because there are lot of cricket fan are there  i am also a big fan for sports cricket , i am also need of that

StevenBullen wrote:

You could check the following mod...
Edit Post Date/Time

Hope it helps. smile

very good solutions thanx.

no there is no way to get the original password, because in the database the password is store in inscription format, means that the admin cannot access the original password,


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in the SQL Data base the maximum length of the field is 255 means if you enter the string whose length is grater then 255 then these type of error are occurred.


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punbb is very easy to install and manage, i think will be popular in time ,as compare to other is very easy  handle. or manage.


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in the first you
echo ?invalid date?;
}else {
echo ?Entry date is correct ?;

be less than 1 or greater than 12.

$month = min(12, max(1, intval($month)));

for feb month check
if($day > 28)
$day = ($year % 4 == 0 && ($year % 100 != 0 || $year % 400 == 0)) ? 29 : 28