You're welcome smile

I'm sorry, I didn't notice your post. All the official extensions can be downloaded via the official extensions page.

nicky6 wrote:

the correct email address of the poster never shows up

Do you mean a guest or a registered user? The e-mail of a registered user is displayed only if he has allowed it in his profile.

BTW, you can take the last extern.php again.


I've moved the changes ("content=posts") from the forum core to the pun_posts_feed extension due to performance and compatibility issues.

I'd recommend you to take the last version of extern.php again and to install this extension.

I'd like to inform you of the first release of the pun_posts_feed extension. This extension adds last posts feeds to existing last topics feeds in forums.

It has been tested and optimized for MySQL database. Installing the extension on a forum that uses PostgreSQL or SQLite may lead to performance descrease.

You can find download links on the official extensions page or install it via pun_repository.

Feel free to post bug reports or suggestions.


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Now the "Quick post" form is available only for a user who has logged in. Also I think that poll is disabled for guests to avoid unfair votes.


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What do you mean by "multilanguage extension"?

You can install a few language packs, and forum users will be able to choose the language they prefer in their profile.


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It's in group management. Go to Administration -> Users -> Groups, then click "Edit this group" link against "Guest" group. You can change permissions for guests there.


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The <title> tag is set up in header.php, line 85. You can modify it.


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No, in current version of pun_pm it's impossible.

You can delete it, but it's not obligatory. This script can't do anything when PunBB is installed.

I've started to improve RSS feeds. If you want to test it, you can take the last dev version of the extern.php. The instruction can be found at the beginning of the file.


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rafatuxgk wrote:

How to place a logo (the default theme) without erasing characters, to be clear: place a small logo next to the name and description.

The simplest way is to modify the style. You can see how the logo is added in the official styles:
Or you can just modify one of those styles and use it.

rafatuxgk wrote:

How do the user to upload or attach files to upload the avatar you must make a url.

A user can upload an avatar via his profile. Also, you can install the pun_attachment extension. This extension allows users to upload files and attach them to topics.


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Do you mean the <title> tag? Or you want to add a custom text to the index page?

There is no need to create multiple posts about one issue (

Ole Juul wrote:

In configuring "Topic and post content" I have turned off "Convert smilies to small icons in posts." However when I installed the BBCode buttons extension, the smilie icons show up there. Is there a way I can remove them?

I've just released pun_bbcode 1.3.6. This version takes into account the smilies option.

nicky6 wrote:

I can't really see the point in having an RSS (the one linked to in the top of each forum's header) that always lists the first post of the last topic that someone posted in.

One can't but agree with you smile

I've studied out the situation with RSS feeds. I think the right way is to have two types of feeds: topics and posts. One should be able to specify forums for the topic feed and forums or topics for the post feed.

But there are some difficulties. I've found that the post feed is going to be slow and resource-consuming since it requires a database query with 4 joined tables. Maybe I will be able to optimize it, but a simplification is to be considered as well.


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Of course, you're right and you are free to choose the solution. We can just give advice.

You've asked about adding posts to the search index. Seems like the PunBB database layer must be also included for the update_search_index() function to work.

Are the words separated with the space character in your language?

Please, take a look at this topic: … n-english/ I assume in your case the issue is the same.

Actually, we don't have been sending the newsletter for a long time. The newsletter seems to me a little bit outdated.

PunBB is able to check for security hotfixes and new versions every time admin visits the forum (this option is enabled by default).


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Jones wrote:

I switched the function etc, but the punbb forum_db->escape() or query etc. will not be accepted by wordpress because wordpress uses wpdb->escape() or query etc.

As far as I understand you can use both wpdb and forum_db at the same time. I have no Wordpress environment and I have replaced your query

$wppost = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT post_date, post_title, post_content FROM ".$wpdb->posts." WHERE ID = ".$id." LIMIT 1");

to a simple assignment in my example. You still can return to your code and include modified files (my_essentials.php and my_functions.php) to avoid names conflict:

    define('FORUM_ROOT', './');
    require FORUM_ROOT.'include/my_essentials.php';


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On index page of forum, if somebody post new topic it doesnt show anything that new post is made.

Consider as an example. You can see in the "Last post" column

17th Apr 2010 15:07:14
by tomguider

Or you mean something else?

By the way, it's convenient to use the "New posts" link at the top of every page. The topics with new posts since your last visit are displayed there.


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If you mean the online users list you can change the online list separator in your language pack. In the English language pack it's lang/English/index.php, line 37. You can add an image there by adding the tag

<img src=" PICTURE URL HERE " />