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Hi Slavok,

Seeing as you want community help, what's the chance of getting PunBB.org back?

Vbird2k wrote:

Are you guys interested in coverting it to WAP? I can give you what I have done. (I am too busy to continue.)

Can your work moving PunBB towards WAP be applied towards the PHP side of the project?


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StevenBullen wrote:

This statement shows that you dont have a clue what the PunBB community was before Informer come along and ruined a good thing.

That's the sad part, cause we had a really good thing in our hands.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar should be required reading for those prospective investors in Open Source projects.

MattF wrote:

You could always e-mail the FSF to double check, if you wanted to make certain.

Speaking of a higher authority: http://wordpress.org/development/2009/0 … e-gpl-too/

Bibby wrote:

I can't ship punbb files in my program, so i must distribute my program alone without punbb files. But i can modify punbb files and release them unde GPL, and tell my program users downloading modified files and use them.

Am i right?

From my understanding of the license, as long as you distribute or provide the source for download, closed and open source code may reside together.

Slavok wrote:

No, it is not. If you copy a piece of code of a product published under GPL, you must publish your software under GPL as well.

Please refer to #9.


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fantasma wrote:

Slow theme release, slow extension and mod release, maybe the PunBB project is dead?

There is still a heartbeat, though it appears to be slowing down.

Cereal wrote:

VI smile

Emacs wink

Rich Pedley wrote:

maybe they should use an antispam plugin....

Maybe they should try to keep active admins around the clock.


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Slavok wrote:

It was finished a few days ago (http://software.informer.com/forum/).


One suggestion, get rid of all this:

Currently used extensions: pun_repository, pun_quote, pun_bbcode, pun_admin_manage_extensions_improved, pun_antispam. Copyright © 2008 PunBB

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Slavok wrote:

We are now installing the PunBB Forum at http://software.informer.com/forum/.

How's this going?


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Let me say that you kept your cool and remained a gentleman when it came to dealing with us irate users. You could of easily told us to f*ck off, but you didn't. Thanks for doing what you could and I hope your visit to the Open Source world was a pleasant one.

Good luck to whatever awaits you in the future.

maststef wrote:

Is this easy possible?

It's possible, we did it with Nucleus CMS and PunBB 1.2.x


Maybe you can adapt the code to work with Wordpress and PunBB 1.3.x?


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MattF wrote:

So, it's the fault of M$ and not the programmer who, (one can only assume), buggered off purely and simply for money, (or some other equally shallow motive)?

Here is an Anders Hejlsberg tribute page I put up back in 1998. The majority of the links are dead, but I saved the message that Anders sent to Compuserve on his departure and Chuck Jazdzewski's Usenet posting about Anders.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
George Santayana


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marines wrote:

what a shame... you would better work on pure PunBB instead of shitty NET -.-

I wouldn't go so far as calling .NET shitty, it's better than ActiveX any day of the week.

What I call shitty is the way Microsoft lured Anders Heljsberg away from Delphi so he could create C#. Anders was like a programming God to many of us, by him selling out, he lost his aura, he lost his glow. The .NET platform was more about slowing Sun's Java than to give me or you a really nice programming language, it's the way M$ works, protect the cash cow (Office) at any and all costs.

Utchin wrote:

Working on .NET is a good side path for Punbb which has a rather large development team.

Did you mean to say sidetrack wink

I know that the PunBB team could do anything they desire, after all, this is Open Source, scratch your own itch and all that. But creating a .NET equivalent of PunBB sends the wrong signal.

MattF wrote:

Could one of the mods change this thread title to something meaningful, please? smile

That will only be possible when pun_meaningful is released wink


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You can try one of the PHP opcode caches:

http://2bits.com/articles/benchmarking- … pared.html


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Garciat wrote:

There really is no point in having a hooks list when you don't know where they are (line-wise).

I haven't created a Xref for PunBB 1.3, but here is one from the FluxBB 1.3 svn:

I do have a PunBB Xref: http://phpxref.com/xref/punbb/ - but it's based off of the 1.2 line.


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patheticcockroach wrote:

Is there a list of hooks somewhere?

You can create your own: http://fluxbb.org/forums/post/18531/#p18531

Garciat wrote:

I'm digging that documentation smile

That was my first stab at the docs, then I went for a wiki.

Garciat wrote:

Is that good?

Yes, that looks nice.

Yeah, the friends table.

It will have to be configurable, as to how many you want to see. On a busy forum, you couldn't fit everyone.

You can base it on activity, like the last 10 that have been active, it's constantly changing. Come to think of it, you may have to get a clearance from the epileptic community.

Dear Devs,

Now the Quick Quote link is bringing in parts of a multi-line user signature.

In this post, when I pressed quote, Garciat - Die hard came along.

IMHO, the extension needs work before mass consumption, or be configurable by the end user.

Garciat wrote:

Fine... I'll make it... just tell me how you expect it to look like.


Visit Gaia Online, to get ideas.