Works brilliantly thank you.

The version is 1.6.1 from Github on Saturday.

Hi, reading the 1.4 release it mentions new features for developers. I don't seem to be able to find anywhere that specifies what these are!

I thought at one time I read about a form api to make using forms easier? Did it make it in or am I confusing it with something else?

What needs to change in extensions to make them 1.4 compatible? (I asked this before but the search is not bringing up my post or the answer).

I believe using $forum_loader-> was the main one?

When I enable Fancy Favorite Topics  on 1.4 and I try to add a topic as a favourite I receive the message:

"Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated."

The url it is trying to find is: /favorite/37516/f7d86ed98091a3abf0bd266566746b034e031d9a/

Debug shows no errors and neither do my error logs Where should it be going? Does the htaccess need adjusting?


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I didn't realise this was even an option. I think it would make more sense if the plugin was updated to set this as the default and then allow users to disable. There isn't really a reason these days not to use images in buttons (in my opinion!).


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Brilliant I was going to make the same myself!

I don't seem to be able to get the redirects to work properly. It works fine for forum redirects but: viewtopic.php?id=37443 doesn't work.

One question, what are you doing in the fn_generate_crumbs_end hook? (I haven't looked at the core code).

It would be even better if you can put it into Github.


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I think it would be beneficial if punbb started using Sass for their css development. For those not aware Sass is basically PHP for css (all be it in Ruby!). It allows you to have variables, functions and includes. Everything you do is then compiled to normal css (can be minimised) so there is no overhead to the site.

I suggest a quick read of the front page here to see the power: (they can explain it better than I can!)

The primary focus would be for developers to allow easier themeing and customisation and to minimise the stylesheets used (I see 1.4 is using minimisation anyway). I've been using it on my non punbb sites for a few months now and would never go back to normal css!


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I get an error after installation of the latest version (just downloaded) in the functions file:

Parse error: parse error, expecting `')'' in punbb\extensions\sfs_antispam\functions.php on line 2

It's because of the default argument time() I didn't think you could use a function as a default argument?

Running on php v5.2.11 and v5.3.0, has anyone else experienced this?


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Create a plugin and add this to the manifest file

* Disable IP display for admin and mods
*/ -->
<hook id="vt_row_pre_display"><![CDATA[

All it does is simply unset the array key that contains the IP before it is displayed on the page.

Is there an answer to this yet? I am finding this on my forum too. I have enabled signature images but all I get is <image> as a link to the image file.


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If it's not what you're looking for you need to be a bit more descriptive! - If you look through the bbcode element of pun you can probably overwrite the url creation elements to make the link label 'link' (or whatever text you want), currently the link label is set to the url in the final html markup.

As to styling; my friend is having some troubles with it...

Um, it's a big old topic to just give help on, study the Oxygen theme, copy it and start making changes and see what happens. Generally all you need to change is the Oxygen_cs.css which is the colours. If you copy the Oxygen directory and rename it to your new theme name all you really need to do is then rename anything with Oxygen in it to your theme name.

Then I'm afraid it's down to fiddling! smile


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Is stick topic assignable to different user groups? Or is it set for admin/mod only?



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How can I use self closing bbcode tags but without the closing slash?

I want a line tag using [line], if I set it up it works but if you have [line] then any nested tag like list it moans that list has been started inside line.

I believe (from looking on the forums) it can be done if you close line [line /] but I haven't tested this and ideally I don't want this as I have upgraded an old forum to pun and that used [line].

// Line Tag
$tags[] = 'line';

// Then later on:

// Line Tag
$pattern[] = '#\[line]#i';
$replace[] = handle_line_tag();

Do I need to specify the tag in any of the other arrays?

Thanks for your help.

I've just spent yesterday doing almost exactly the same thing! A little darker, but almost exactly the same blues. I neadn't of bothered now! lol Looks really nice, nice work.

testerman wrote:

Thanks guys for your quick response. Actually I was also wondering if we (or how we) can add a field to the USER PROFILE PAGE where user says a bit about himself; sort of SHORT BIO smile

Perhaps I'll look around to check if there is such a function or hack smile

I am doing just that for my own forum, I plan to release it as a plugin but I can't say when it will be, I am in the process of transferring my site before I fiddle with those sorts of features.

It's fairly easy (assuming you know php obviously!) just look at how existing plugins work and copy them!


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Cereal wrote:

it would be nice to have an option to manually verify the users,

so the forum is set to use email verification, but the admins should be able to set a unverified user to be verified, overriding the email verification process

I think, but I'm not sure, if you set the users group to something other than the unverified user group it automatically verifies them. You obviously need to set a password and send it to the user so they know what it is! - It would be nice to have a routine that allows you to set their password then emails it to them.


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pepak wrote:

Is it? And if he enters a semantically valid but non-existent ID, or ID belonging to someone else, then what? Should the system complain, too? Why bother?

No the system shouldn't be concerned whether the data is actually accurate or correct in terms of meaning but it should be concerned with whether it is accurate and correct as far as the system needs it and expects. If some output is accidentally not escaped it could cause a bug. If someone enters some javascript commands that then run on your site. Where as if the data was properly screened before hand this could be avoided.

It's always possible to miss escaping sql input, or output no matter how good the development team are.

I see it as a line in the defences, backed up by escaping the sql and the output etc. It should be standard coding practice to check all input is at least within reasonable bounds.


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Parpalak wrote:

There is a check for the url field: … e.php#L924

What do you mean saying 'validation'? It's easy to add an regex and a message 'invalid url'. If you mean this I'll add it to feature requests.

It only checks and adds http:// I believe. Either way you can still add anything you like it will just prepend http:// to the front like: http://fdgfdgfbgfbf

I believe an invalid url message would be good, as with the Messenger / AIM etc they can only be email addresses (I think!) so force them to be. This should be the attitude to everything wherever there is input.

Is there a setting or an existing plugin to disable the users ability to select a style? I want my style to be the only one, I know I could delete Oxygen then mine would be the only one, is this the only way?

Otherwise I make a plugin to disable the choice for users, and to automatically set each user to use the selected style by admin. - I believe this should be included in the future because not everyone likes to provide style selection.

Just installed the mod and on the post screen is the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: user_locked in C:\www\ajb\punbb\post.php(90) : eval()'d code on line 10

There is also an error on the post redirect page but I missed it to copy it.

I am a little confused what does this actually do? What I am looking for is the ability to disable a topic, so that it is invisible to users but not moderators. I thought this is what this did but after testing it I think I've misunderstood?


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Slavok wrote:

I don't think that it is a bug, but if you want you can create an extension to validate this information. I think, real members of forum are interested in stating the real and correct contact information about themselves in their profiles. Fake users will enter something useless in these fields, and you will notice this.

I don't think that is really a line of defence! If a user is there to cause trouble and finds a hole they will use it. You can't guarantee that everyone is genuine!

I believe it would be better to filter this input rather than relying on it being escaped before output then you have a double defence and I would of thought it's encouraging good programming practice.

Also with this in mind is the thought of a forms framework in mind? To make it easier to display and process form input. I was using Zend_Form for a bit and although it can be tricky to start it does make forms extremely easy and powerful. Just a thought.

Thanks for responding it's good to know a developer is listening!



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Looking at even more of these settings there are tons that aren't remotely checked. For example you can set the users time zone to 999. I really think these should be addressed. Unfortunately I made the decision to use punbb before I discovered this so I am already half way through the migration.

I realise data is escaped but feel strongly that all data should only be with in the realms of what you are actually expecting it to be. If I can help let me know, I don't want to moan without offering help! Otherwise is it ok? Is it already in the todo list? What's the official view?


Shouldn't the users profile website field have some form of validation on it before it is put into the database? This and the MSN ect. id's don't validate to check it is a website url or an email address as required by these services.

Surely this leaves the fields open to abuse and makes them simple text fields so anyone can enter anything?

To fix this do I suggest it as a feature / bug or just make my own extension to do it?


JeanC wrote:


Just installed punbb.
The extension for to add a user manually does not let one specify a password. And a password field has to be non empty to login.
How can I specify a password for a manually added user?


Edit: Never mind, I managed to edit the extension.

You can also just do it from the users profile, if you click the tick box below it redirects you to the profile. From the main profile page is an option to set the users password.


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Not entirely sure where to post this but I've noticed while using the smilies extension by Garciat when you login as a moderator and go to the admin section and then to the censoring page the smilies menu option appears (It's invisible on any of the other options).

I haven't looked to check if this is the plugin or in fact the base code missing the link privileges. Clicking the link tells you the page is not viewable so it's not a breach just annoying so see it appear and disappear.