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This thread has split in two directions and I apologize for this.

albn, if your reply was to my previous post, we do have a highlighter plugin for Nucleus. We took the Geshi code highlighter and wrapped a plugin around it, see it in action here: http://faq.nucleuscms.org/item/34

Yes, I have it installed, and that wasx one of the selling points for me. It is a great mod, and is very helpful. If that were included as part of the CMS, hey that would be awesome.

This would be EXACTLY what I am looking for. I love PunBB, and thought about how I would make a cms like this and make the user choose if they want to include Punbb or not. My biggest selling points on this software were:

1. Compliance

2. Tight coding, lightweight

3. The Syntax Highlighter mod

Now if you made a CMS to go along with this, I would jump for joy. In fact, would you like some help? Because my friends and I were so tired of having to compromise with other systems that did not have compliance, messy code, slow lumbering giants (Mambo and Typo3 come to mind) and restrictions on how pages are laid out. CSS would fix that problem... too bad many do not do that.

In fact, I did not know something like this was in the works, and I will for sure tell my friends what's cooking. We might dump our project and help you with this one. It's exciting news.

I was not impressed with Mambo either. My biggest gripes are

1. Not XHTML compliant, in fact, it is a mess.

2. Upgrading after styling is a pain because if you upgrade it, all your work is lost. I know there's a way to work around this, but for most people wanting something done right away, you are on your own.

I also have used and installed Typo3 for an intranet, and that has a steep learning curve. I never cared for the scripting language it uses, but once I got used to it, I could hack it.

I agree, this is indeed helpful. Thanks for all your hard work.

I never said anything about ripping off the designs there.. gee. Oh, I should have done a search as well before posting the link. Also, I liked the designs there and gave me some good ideas. I am sorry if this pissed off anybody.


How does this fit with PunBB? This is the only flrum software I have ever seen that can be styled with just CSS, and there are many wonderful things you can accomplish with it. Look around and see some of the designs. You would be amazed at what CSS can do for you.

Forks on CMS's and other stuff like this is not uncommon, and since it is GPL'd, I cannot see why amybody would object to drastic changes to the code as long as the original author is given kudos and complies with the GPL.

The thing is, this is one of the most laid back development processes I have EVER seen, and cannot see any reason why somebody would not want to help develop something that is already there. I vet if your plug in system is good, I bet the main developer would not mind... if I were getting that much help (if quality) would make my day.

But that's just me...

Because the generation time really isn't interesting other than when debugging/developing.

Oh well, if it amuses some people to show off speed (which I have to agree is not too interesting), then that's fine.

I think I will remove it as well. I have been studying the code, and I have a question regarding the p3p project. What's with IE6 and cookies? Has it always been that way, or only since SP2?

/me Googles

So whitespaces are sent to the browser, and that's only after the ?> tag? That is strange big_smile

That is so strange. I thought PHP did not care about whitespace. Is it a bug in PHP itself?

BTW, I am learning a lot from your code.

Oh, RunCMS does not have any, hence why I am trying to port your highlighter to it. I am also trying to make a karma system similar to the on AntiOnline uses. A friend made one for PHPbb, but the code is still very unstable.

Here are some you might find interesting:

http://www.blogcms.com/ and download the Donald trump version. It has the XML/PEAR highlighter I was telling you about.

and GeSHi:


That is also made for PHPbb, but I would like to incorperate some of the code in there, although the functions and structure are completely different.

So that's why RUNCMS does not have it because it has not been done yet brother.

Thanks a lot brother. How did you do that? Regexp's are a serious pain to work with. I have been looking at other multi-syntax highlighters as well. I will update you on those. One uses PEAR and XML.

zaher: I am having the hardest time porting this code to another CMS I am using. I am not the bestin PHP, and I have been trying for three days to use this on RunCMS for quite some time.

I have studied the test code to highlight the code you want, but how can you make the BB code work... I have discovered not all BB's are the same...

Sounds good. I have not logged in a while because I working on a shopping cart... so let's see what I can do for you big_smile

May I help? It would be great fun big_smile

We have a lot in common because I use Delphi too smile smile

I really, really like this mod, and I am messing around with it. So far, I did some changes, including being able to change the colors, the font and other things in a CSS class.

$this->settings = array(
S_NONE => array('<span class=".S_NONE">',"</span>"),
S_KEYWORD => array('<span class=".S_KEYWORD">',"</span>"),
S_IDENTIFIER => array('<span class=".S_IDENTIFIER">',"</span>"),
S_NUMBER => array('<span class=".S_NUMBER">',"</span>"),
S_STRING => array('<span class=".S_STRING">',"</span>"),
S_STRING2 => array('<span class=".S_STRING2">',"</span>"),
S_SYMBOL => array('<span class=".S_SYMBOL">',"</span>"),
S_NUMBER => array('<span class=".S_NUMBER">',"</span>"),
S_OBJECT => array('<span class=".S_OBJECT">',"</span>"),
S_COMMENT1 => array('<span class=".S_COMMENT1">',"</span>"),
S_COMMENT2 => array('<span class=".S_COMMENT2">',"</span>"),
S_COMMENT3 => array('<span class=".S_COMMENT3">',"</span>"),
S_DIRECTIVE => array('<span class=".S_DIRECTIVE">',"</span>")

I also am looking to some other stuff in RAFB's script which also does multi-syntax highlighting, and has some features on that I would like to add in this script as well such as the line numbers when outputted.

Since I am new to PHP, and I do learn from example, I have a question regarding the loops... for instance, when I wanted to highlight "(bleh)" and just wanted the parenthesis to be a different color but not the text inside of it, how is this done?

Thanks for all your hard work and helping newbies like me