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I don't tend to visit here much any more, but thought I'd chime in.

Really PunBB is 2 things:

  1. An open-source forum software.

  2. A brand.

The forum software itself is released under the GPL. Anyone who wants to can take a copy, start their own community, and maintain/develop it as they wish. This is exactly what we did with FluxBB. There is nothing stopping you (anyone) doing this with PunBB, and creating their own version - as long as they abide by the GPL.

The other aspect is the brand PunBB. In other words, the name PunBB, the domain, and the community. This obviously is a harder aspect. You can either create yourself a new brand, which takes time to build up and become known (as we did with FluxBB), or attempt to obtain PunBB from Informer. I think the chances of this are fairly limited - Informer paid a good chunk of money for PunBB and aren't going to want to just give it away.

The most likely option here would be to put together a team and try to make a deal with Informer, whereby you as a team/community are responsible for the development and maintenance of the software - but Informer maintain control of the brand and copyrights.


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The easy way is upload index.html with the intro on it, then at the end of the intro make it redirect to index.php. That is of course assuming that the server ranks html above php when looking for an index, but most do by default.

Spudals wrote:

no imean like is there anything that i can add to the like edit.php code or post.php or whichever one that stops then editing the post if it is by an Admin wink
thanx bye

Sure, though I'm not aware of any extension/mod for it (though that doesn't mean there isn't one...).

Either way this should prob be under modifications rather than feature requests.


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Cew27 wrote:

can anyone post instructions to patch the files? i really need to get the forum back up

Are you on nix or windows? (your local comp, not the server).

Cew27 wrote:

how do i get to terminal or issue a command, i am on cpanel

By default cpanel does not give you shell access, you would need to have your host manually enable it, which most will not do.

Easy solution is only give mod privileges to people you trust.

IIRC *:hover only works on IE6 if you are applying it to an A element, not to a TD. I'm not sure how it acts on IE7.


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An extension that blocks new users from using email and pm (if installed) for the first X days might be handy.

taramichael wrote:


      Can You play it or not?

Reines wrote:

Yes, though you will need to put your forum inside an iframe, otherwise the music will stop and restart every time you click a link.


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quaker wrote:

now what about the ending tag?


Where, in the second example? I left it out to imply the script probably wouldn't finish there, though it doesn't matter anyway, the ending tag is optional (unless it's code within eval()).


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You can include it from your own domain easily, I don't know what your on about quaker tongue

The problem is A) You need ' marks around a string, and B) You need to use the http wrapper rather than file wrapper by specifying the full path, ie:

<?php include('http://www.example.com/forum/extern.php?action=stats');?>

Alternatively if you wish to do some processing on the output rather than simply include it:


$stats = file_get_contents('http://www.example.com/forum/extern.php?action=stats');

// do something to $stats

What was the ban reason? It could be you share IPs (through your ISP's IP pooling) with someone who is banned.

Why would a host want to disable the tokenizer? hmm Other than to annoy people.

You must be using an old version of PHP which is below the minimum requirements for PunBB 1.3. token_get_all() was introduced in PHP 4.2.0


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fantasma wrote:

i have try the extension, but it's not appropriate and the file of the site map is not e xml

Yes it is. If you are getting otherwise then it must not be compatible with PunBB RC1.

Alternatively if your saying it's not XML because it uses misc.php?action=sitemap, then it is still XML, you don't need the .xml extension for a file to be XML. If you don't like that, then turn on re-write rules in the core and it will automatically put the sitemap at sitemap.xml rather than misc.php?action=sitemap.


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Yes, though you will need to put your forum inside an iframe, otherwise the music will stop and restart every time you click a link.

Anyway sites that play music inside them are horrible. Leave playing music to programs designed for playing music, rather than forcing music on all your guests and crippling them with iframes.

Windows. Maybe it's an old version that disables it by default :s Mine has the option, but it wasn't checked by default.

It's a feature in 1.3.

GodsDead wrote:

Its ok i found it out, By default, if you have installed the "web developer" addon to FF, it automatically disables refers!?? how stupid, and iv been using it for like at leat a year haha and didnt realize =[

I have web developer addon installed and it hasn't disabled referers for me? Are you sure it isn't a different addon?

If that is definitely correct then something must be stripping the HTTP_REFERER from your request. Usually something such as Norton.


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I think having official extensions in the download package, but not installed would be nice (as long as there is also an option to download just the core). That way installing them really is just a few clicks.


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Are you using 1.2 or 1.3?

For 1.3: Admin -> Settings -> Features -> Untick "Allow BBCode [img ] tag in posts."

For 1.2 I assume it's somewhere similar, but I'm not sure.

quaker wrote:

I installed this ext and it causes crazy errors..
i can login and to normal functions but when i click on admin area... wooohoo..


It is for beta, which was before all the variables etc were changed to be compatible with fluxbb.

Never-mind they don't seem to be compatible.


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Adding the list of extensions doesn't use an extra query.


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What are you trying to do? Make it output valid xhtml?

Might be easier to make PHP parse http://www.quotedb.com/quote/quote.php? … _quote_rss then output it rather than using messy javascript.

PS. You can remove the &amp;=&amp;=&amp; from the end of that link, no idea why they put that there but it won't do a thing.