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StevenBullen wrote:

Pointing out the obvious... but does this mean it will be moved to punbb.informer.com tongue

Yup smile

Vovochka wrote:

will be site available on punbb.org ?

Yes, but it will be redirected. All existing links and whatnot will continue to work.


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As you might have noticed, the PunBB website is in the process of moving under the domain informer.com. The website informer.com (and its subdomains like feed.informer.com) is owned and run by the folks who own the PunBB project. Moving the PunBB website under the informer.com domain is a way for our benefactors to promote their other services to the PunBB community and to promote PunBB to users of their other services. The move does not affect the project in any other way, including GPL terms.

The move does however mean that you will have to re-login since the old cookie isn't valid for this domain. Hopefully, this won't cause too much trouble.

PS. Personally, I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. I guess the stress of taking on too much work is finally taking its toll. Hopefully, I will be able to get back in the game soon. Meanwhile, I am told that the work on 1.3 is in its final stages (as in weeks to go). Coinciding with the release will be a bunch of new extensions.

SuperMAG wrote:

Look at the urls inside it :

http://supermag.wsnw.net/1.3/topic2-sim … -work.html

this makes the urls dublicate

That's a bug.

SuperMAG wrote:

there is other thing smarty .... about the dublicate urls you remember the post dont you

did u guys did any progress on that

We're considering ways to solve it with as little impact as possible.

It should be noted that multiple links to the same content isn't really an issue unless more than one URL is used. This is a problem when migrating from one URL scheme to another, but that's it.


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qubertman wrote:

Feature request: Display the server time in the header of the board. For example,
The time now is Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:41 pm
We have an international board so members like to know the current time where we are.

Extension. I think in most cases, this would only be confusing for the end user.

Is $_POST['form'] really an array?

I haven't tried Opera, but so far, the only browser I've come across that supports the display of unicode characters in the address bar is Firefox3. In Firefox2, IE6 and IE7, it looks horrible.

Your scheme for all languages isn't as easy as it looks. For example, lowercasing UTF-8 text is a major pain if mb_string isn't available.

We support a straight numeric URL rewriting scheme as well. Two of them actually.

There's also a hook in sef_friendly() so an extension can easily replace the functionality we have today.

I've committed an updated version of sef_friendly. It doesn't handle non iso-8859-1 characters because adding support for that leads to A LOT more code.


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Hey! Someone reads my blog wink


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I think I got all of them (that made sense anyway big_smile): http://dev.punbb.org/changeset/1521

Strofanto: We can't do that in functions.php because by the time we include functions.php, the hooks system hasn't been initialized yet. I recommend you use co_common instead.

Jarkko wrote:

In lang/admin.php, GZip should be gzip. (There are no studlycaps in gzip even though another forum software erroneusly uses them.)


qubertman wrote:

Please keep the order the same. I prefer the 2nd one. Thanks.

in viewtopic:

in profile:

Man, I thought I was anal about these things smile


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Hmm. I decided not to censor the actual link because that breaks it. I didn't censor the link in profile.php either. In my opinion, the important thing is that censored words aren't displayed on the page.


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intedinmamma wrote:
Rickard wrote:

Anyone else have an idea?

if(count(array_intersect($perms_new, $perms_old)) != count($perms_new))
    if(count(array_intersect($perms_new, $perms_default)) == count($perms_new))
        // Delete
        // Insert/Update

It should be quite easy to build the queries and the form directly from $perms. If done right, you will just have to add elements to $perms and $perms_default to add permissions. Forms, validation and queries are so similar that it will work most of the time, and when it doesn't you can always use some other hook. Depending on how it's all implemented you might have to use array_intersect_assoc() instead of array_intersect(), as the latter doesn't care about indexes.

Nice idea. I've committed it. I used regular array operators to do the comparison though.


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Fixed all but the markup bits.


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I hate timezones almost as much as I hate DST smile


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I believe they were crlf -> lf changes. As soon as I saved the file in Textmate, subversion was convinced those lines had changed.

I understand. However, don't you believe most inexperienced users will have JavaScript enabled?


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Of course you did big_smile


There's another issue though. viewtopic.php?pid=5#p5 is a permanent link. It will always point to the right post. viewtopic?id=3&p=2#p5 will not. It depends on the "posts per page" profile setting.

The only real issue is dealing with forums that, for some reason, want to switch from one URL scheme to another. For example, eventually, we will want to switch the URL scheme used here in order to showcase the fact that 1.3 support SEF URLs.

How is getting rid of the "pid" URLs better considering we would need the page parameter for the "id" URL anyway?

Edit: Err. Nevermind what I just said.

Back links? That's what the back button in your browser is for.

Which is also the order in which they are "executed".