I thought you wanted to do it in Javascript?


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pogenwurst wrote:

That's very true -- walking around almost any public place I could easily find you many people who haven't the foggiest what "GMT" is. Moreover, those that do know of it stand a good chance of being ignorant as to what particular GMT zone they reside in.

But they know if they're in "mountain time" or whatever?


intedinmamma wrote:

And that's beacause I thought that $db->add_field() did that automagically. Update is on the way. smile

I considered doing that, but decided not to so that the functions can be used with other tables as well.


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Did I miss any?


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elbekko wrote:

Some hooks in include/email.php would be nice for things like secure SMTP support and modifying email headers.


foxmask wrote:

A hook in place of the "Online" stat to be able to display them as we want.

Done. One before the list, one after and one in the loop. Using the one in the loop, it should be easy to, for example, assign a special CSS class to administrators etc.

Mediator wrote:

vt_post_header_load - Line 249 viewtopic.php after "require PUN_ROOT.'header.php';" - ESSENTIAL - Poll mod, all the content for the poll to be displayed needs to be put immediatly after the header, as is convention on every modification ever written.

I added a hook at the end of header.php instead. Just check PUN_PAGE and do your output if you're on the right page.

Wouldn't a hook in viewtopic right before <div class="paged-head"> make more sense by the way? In my opinion, the poll is a part of the topic and should appear "inside the topic" and not above the paging and posting links.

Mediator wrote:

hd_announcement - Line 255 header.php after "// END SUBST - <!-- pun_alert -->" - RECOMMENDED - There is a hook for just about every other template type, why not annoucements?

What good would a hook do there? If you want to modify the announcement, you can do it anywhere before that.

Mediator wrote:

vf_row_loop - Line 215 viewforum.php before "++$pun_page['item_count'];"


qubertman wrote:

Userlist - "Sort results by" drop-down menu


Smartys wrote:

A suggestion from me: a hook in admin/users.php to allow handling a new mass action.


Gizzmo wrote:

A hook in post.php before line 190 and edit.php before line 127 would be nice. To be able to add in our own $errors.

You probably could use po_form_submitted and and ed_form_submitted, but I added hooks nonetheless.

Gizzmo wrote:

oh and maybe a hook after line 272 in admin/groups.php in case we added in our own group options

Done (a few lines further down though).

Fixed. Regarding the stylesheets, that's up to Paul.

Mpok wrote:

- the tables have been updated (latin1_general_ci -> utf8_general_ci), except 2 : forums_perms and subscriptions (not a big deal, but why ?).

Because those tables don't have any text/varchar fields, only integers.

Mpok wrote:

- BUT the data HAVE NOT been converted to utf8... (accents remain in latin1 format)

Looked at db_update.php to find an 'obvious' reason... not found anything  : i couldn't say why the utf8_encode() didn't work.

What was the old encoding, ISO-8859-1?

I wonder if Debian by default links to an external PCRE library as opposed to the one that's bundled with PHP. If they do, this is something we will have to deal with in 1.2.*. 1.3 will sport a new parser soon, so hopefully, this won't be an issue there.

shiddot, could you check the phpinfo() output and post the "Configure Command"?

achtungbaby wrote:

Hello, sorry for my english...

I test the last release of db_update.

My database is encoded in latin1_swedish_ci

The result of conversion seems wrong. exemple : http://box-news.fr/viewtopic.php?id=33

Difficult for me to say what has gone wrong. How did you make the "copy" of the database to test on?

K-Ray wrote:

It doesn't seem to work with sqlite.
From what I have found out the script gets stuck everytime an 'alter table' comes around.

Hmm. It shouldn't run any ALTER TABLE's for SQLite at all. Do you think you could try to track down in more detail where it fails? Does it produce an error?

K-Ray wrote:

Also the sqlite.php is missing the 'replace' piece in the query_build function.

Smartys fixed that.



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qubertman wrote:

This following subject lines do not work with File Based (fancy). Getting an Error 403.

Are you running a 'Hobby Business'?  Tax: the facts of life!
This is a "test"

I am unable to replicate this. However, the cleaning function for those kinds of URLs is overdue for an update anyway, so lets hope that solves it.

Fixed (apart from the cancel buttons).


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Yeah, what's up with the Mozilla XML parser errors? Not very helpful.

For this very reason, we are considering getting rid of rewriting in the admin interface entirely. It really only is a vanity feature anyway.


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I noticed Smartys committed a fix for this. Did it help qubertman?

Yeah, that would be a bit more tricky. Say you're looking for the post contents of post ID 1234. First, you would do a

var temp = getElementById('p1234');

Then you would do a getElementsByClass('entry-content', temp.parentNode, 'div') to find the post data. However, there's no such thing as getElementsByClass() in the DOM, so you'll have to google for an implementation.

Edit: I would like to point out that I haven't tried this. I think it would work though smile

Edit2: I tried it quickly and it works. Only problem is you the signature div comes along with it, so you'll have to figure out some way of getting rid of it. Maybe iterate over the children and remove any div's that have class="sig-content".

I added support for unbuffered queries, but to be completely honest, I'm uncertain how much of an optimization it is. In theory, it should decrease memory consumption by not buffering the complete query result before returning, but I'm really not sure how much it helps. The only really big result set we handle is for the main topic query. Moving it into the query builder makes sense.


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I've always wondered what good writing them out does. People don't know in which timezone they live?

qubertman wrote:

Feature request: Sort the censored words in alphabetical order.


I'm curious if any of you have any feedback on the 1.2 to 1.3 update process. Has anyone had any issues with the character set conversion? I committed a fix for the update script yesterday, so if you have had issues, please grab the latest version of the update script and try again.


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Correct about lowercase.

Solovey wrote:

We need valid language characters in the URL, rather than symbols. And that is not limited to A-Z. A-Z is only good for English.

Well, there's only so much we can do for Russian, Chinese etc. We can replace stuff like é with e and ä with ä, and after that, enforce a-z0-9-, but that's about it. As far as I know, you can't put non-ascii characters into a URL. If you do, they'll get URL encoded by the browser.


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qubertman wrote:

For moderators, should this link be hidden?


mat: It's a bug in the beta.

It's even more complex than that. Not showing the select column means not having a <form> at all and that affects the markup of the whole page.