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Fixed (not committed yet).


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Keeping true to our promise of providing security updates for the 1.2 branch even though our focus right now surely is on 1.3, it is my pleasure to announce the release of PunBB 1.2.17. This update addresses two rather serious security vulnerabilities as well as a couple of other minor fixes and annoyances. PunBB 1.2.17 is a recommended update for all 1.2 installs.

Important! One of the vulnerabilities that were dealt with in 1.2.17 have to do with something called the cookie seed. The changes in 1.2.17 should protect you from the vulnerability, but we still recommend that you make one minor change to your installation to further harden your forum from attacks. To make the change, open up config.php and look for something along the lines of:

$cookie_seed = '5b16024c';

The seemingly random characters within single quotes will differ in your install. Now, either replace the random characters entirely or add a few extra characters to the end and/or the beginning of the string. You can use any characters you like. Avoid the single quote character though. When you're done, save and upload the file to your forum installation. The change will require users to re-login, but apart from that, everything should be the same.

Thanks to all the people who reported bugs and security problems.

demetris wrote:

Is "monospace" not enough to display a monospace font? I?m just asking -- I?m not a web designer! :-)

It's a matter of taste I guess. I loathe Courier New and that's what most people will get unless we specify a particular font.

demetris wrote:

About Consolas, I agree -- it is an excellent font. However, it may be a bit dangerous, because it looks hideous without ClearType (it has been specifically designed for ClearType).

Yes, but I believe ClearType is enabled by default in Vista?

Rich Pedley wrote:

That would help, 8 seconds per call to a server is a fairly long time, even if it is necessary. 7 extensions could equate to almost a minute!

That's if none of the 7 servers responded within 8 seconds. Quite unlikely.

Rich Pedley wrote:

yes but without alter table I don't see any alternative than doing that.

There is always an alternative. In this case it is not supporting 1.2->1.3 upgrades for SQLite. I'm not saying this is what we should do, but it's an alternative we need to consider.


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I didn't write the code in question, so I'm just asking big_smile


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Hmm, a tricky one. Not sure exactly how to do that. We could add a variable, e.g. $ext_has_changed_setting, and then check that in the big if(), but that's kind of a hack. We would then have to do something similar with the next if().

Anyone else have an idea?

demetris wrote:

Monospace font for the code tag. In the CSS the order is: 1. Andale, 2. Lucinda, 3. monospace. In my Windows machine I don?t have Andale, so Lucinda is used. Lucinda may be the best font for the Windows XP console, but I think it is not the best option for a browser. Why specify a monospace font at all? Users particular about their monospace fonts can define one in their browser.

Because code should be displayed using a monospaced font. Have you ever tried programming using a proportional font?

Andale might not be available in Windows anymore, but it it in OSX. It's good that you brought this up though because I would like to add Consolas to that list. It's a new font in Vista, but it's one of the best monospaced fonts I've seen.

demetris wrote:

Default set of BBCode. Would you please consider adding ordered and unordered lists to the default set? I think that a point of useability can be made for ol and ul and their BBCode implementations: they make lists, well, more readable, and easier to scan quickly. :-)

This is on the todo list already.

demetris wrote:

Variations of smilies converted to icons. Is there are a reason not all variations are converted?

I guess we could add some more variations. We'd rather not though, because we all hate "graphical emoticons" big_smile


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What about two character words then? Drop them or keep them?


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Smartys wrote:

8:30? Windows doesn't even have that hmm
And PunBB doesn't have it either.

Well, pardon me big_smile It was an example. I was just pointing out that if we use the stuff from the modification that qubertman linked to, there are a few gaps that we would need to fill out.

Rich Pedley wrote:

it will need testing no matter what solution is decided upon.


has the simplest I have seen, and may be a good starting point.

Yeah, that's the procedure. However, wrapping code around it to work with any existing table is the tricky part. For example, the tables created must include the full definition of the new table (the old fields and the new field).

For people using a reasonably recent PHP version (or any PHP version with curl enabled), we do have the option of timing out the attempt. Right now, the timeout for checking for updates against punbb.org is 8 seconds. We could lower than a bit for extensions.

A potential optimization would be to check if there are multiple extensions that check for updates against the same domain and if there are, group them together into one call.

It's an easy change, but I'm not sure that's what we want.

Whoops smile I think you guys are right. We added SQLite support in 1.2 and after that, I don't believe we've ever had to do an ALTER TABLE.

I other words. In order to support SQLite upgrades from 1.2, we'll have to include our own implementation of ALTER TABLE. Does anyone know of a good one? The only one I found was this one:


But it's huge.

Rich Pedley wrote:

Would it be better to make this an on demand check rather than making it automatic. If many different servers are to be checked then the possibility of a very slow page is introduced.

Whether to do it automatically or not will of course be optional.


The current plan is to add a new optional field to the extension manifest that points to a location where PunBB can fetch update information about the extension (kind of like what Firefox does). We haven't decided on whether this should just be a simple text file with the latest version or if it should be an XML file. The latter would take a little more effort from the extension author, but it would also be more useful. It could, for example, contain a link to download the new version of the extension.


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Smartys wrote:

Incomplete? You mean an incomplete list of places?

Yes. It lacks some of the more exotic timezones (e.g. +08:30 etc).


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Alright, you've convinced me. The list in the mod qubertman linked to is incomplete though.


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elbekko wrote:

The profile.php one I suggested for adding sections I think.


Took me a while to figure out you were talking about what I refer to as an action, not a section big_smile Support for adding new sections was already there.


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qubertman wrote:

For "File based (fancy)", the URLs for subscribe/unsubscribe after redirecting has $2 in the URL. For example, topic21908-Testing.html is topic21908$2.html.


SuperMAG wrote:

means posts number 2

Nope. It was broken.

qubertman wrote:

For the quick forum jump drop-down menu, it is not SEF. Is it because it is a form?

Yeah, it's a method="GET" form and I haven't quite figured out how to "SEF it".

My mistake. Of course it support alter table. It's quite limited though. Only rename table and add column.

Mpok: Any information you can provide that would lead us to a fix would be greatly appreciated.

Settle down, folks. No need to argue over the placement of a link smile

Personally, I try to go on feeling as opposed to what other developers do or what the results of a heatmap test predict to be true. I prefer the post links on the right, at least with the current theme. The reason I prefer them on the right is because this is where all "action" links are positioned. Post reply/Post new topic, report, delete, edit, quote, the moderation controls, subscribe etc. Everything is on the right.