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Gizzmo wrote:
Verlier wrote:

Oi I didn't read your last post, hmmmm... yeah that's a problem, thanks anyway dude big_smile

And if you want you can check again my forum, it's renewed big_smile (damn those tables it was so hard to center them!!) smile

it wasnt that hard for me i just put a table around the main stuff in the main.tpl file....howd you do it?

First, I tried with magic, when I found that doesn't work in real life I worked on dreamweaver and I found it useless cuz I can't see a damn thing, just code... Then I played with the CSS and stuffs, I found a way to destroy a forum in such a beautiful way that I want to remember how I did that but I forgot. I uploaded everything again and then I thought I could search in the official forum of Punbb for an Answer, and so, I found the script and that's it. phew! roll

Oi I didn't read your last post, hmmmm... yeah that's a problem, thanks anyway dude big_smile

And if you want you can check again my forum, it's renewed big_smile (damn those tables it was so hard to center them!!) smile

Connorhd wrote:

they are nice but not on nearly empty pages e.g. … m.php?id=3 (at time of this post)

Well... yeah I need posts!! sad it's kinda lonely but my forum has just 3 days online, I hope it gets full of posts soon smile

And thanks gizzmo for your comment big_smile

Whats up with the stripes?

The main idea of this forum is kinda EVIL but it works for me, thanks to Rickard and everybody for all the help!, thanks to you the evilness of my community will grow silent and nicely.

Rickard wrote:

Verlier: Remove it from the tpl-files in include/template/.

It worked perfectly! smile

Thankyou again, truly truly thanks thanks again again! big_smile

Long time ago I noticided this issue with html that makes the scroll bar below to be showed ALWAYS when the page is inside a frameset... the problem comes when in the top of the html it's showed this line:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

(or something like it)

I don't know for what is for, but I do know that, when I erase it from the code the scrollbar below disappears... Now, my problem with punbb is when I try to show the forum inside a frame, you'll notice this scrollbar and I know that I can get rid of it deleting that code at the top, but i don't know how!... I really need to show my forum inside a frame (to hide the url).

Please help, and thanks smile

Rickard wrote:

That's odd. Try removing your cookies.

sad doesn't work either... oh well

AND IT WORKS!!!!!!, oh my, i'm so happy big_smile:D:D:D!!!


Errrrr, well... now i'm not happy. It seems that now when I enter from the .tk after I logged in from the full url, I keep the login and it's all ok, but when I logout and try to login inside the .tk it doesn't work...

Well, the other issue was solved smile

So, I think I'll buy a domain after all.

Rickard wrote:

There is one thing you can try. Open up header.php and add the following line before all the other header lines:

header('P3P: CP="CUR ADM"');

I'm not sure it will work, but it's worth a try.

Regarding links in new windows, you'll have to edit extern.php and add target="_blank". The line of code you want to change is 251.

I hope it works

Thanks Rickard!, and thanks again for your work big_smile

jchristophm wrote:

There is a thread around here somewhere about redirected domains. I think I remember the problem being with cookies in IE. Anyway, you can buy a domain for as little as $6.

Ok i'll search again... but buying a new domaing just for my little forum it's too much, yay for free services!!


Okay okay... I found the same problem in this forum and it seems there is nothing to do but to buy a domain... well

But what about the other issue?... the external links to be showed in a new window?. smile


I have my website on a server that's not mine, and I don't want to show the URL of the site too clearly so I used a domain, but I can't login when I enter the site from that url... is there a method to hide the url?, or to try to fix the problem with the login when i'm using the .tk domain?... Anything, so I don't have to buy a domain, it's not that big.

The other thing, i'm using the links with the extern.php. And the problem is that I want to show the last topics on a new window, because it's showed on a frame. (and on a small one)... So, how can I configure the external links to the forum as _blank?.

Thanks! smile