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Actually, yes.
The W3C validator works.

Here is the validation of your site:
http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http% … 2Fforum%2F

Um...226 errors.

The cool thing is that it shows you all the neat little ways to fix what you have wrong.


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Well, okay - So I set it to 99,999. I don't think anyone should be idle enough on my site for that long...
But, wouldn't that carry over visit to visit, thereby screwing up the whole "read topics" issue?

I'm not sure I understand the difference between this and "Online Timeout". Does "Visit Timeout" have to be triggered before "Online Timout" can take place? If not, then it shouldn't matter if I set it this high. If so, then there is a problem.

And, I didn't try setting it to 0 at first becuse I didn't want to screw up the forums. tongue

It is truly a beautiful thing.

I mean...It's wonderful how a few small changes (to text decoration or borders) can radically alter the entire site's structure and overall feel.

I still have to say that

input,submit,textarea {
    border: solid 1px

is the easiest and prettiest modification to do to a site.

That might be nice.
I'm kind of against all the seperate resource pages that other places have.

I'm all for unification.


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graue wrote:

He must mean the Book of Mozilla. That's a good book.

And it's easy to access...
Amen to "about:mozilla"! Down with Mammon...Which, incidentally, is in the new Constantine movie.

Anyways, installed the ribbon on my own boring blog about nothing:

The only integration with punBB that I use is the display of forum stats on the front.

Long live WordPress!

Old news, but hilarious.

Posted on me blog.

(It disdappeared from Kevin's blog...got to keep the info rolling.)

Mostly, it's just hit and miss.

Right now, I'm working on a nice, clean white and blue theme based off of a WordPress CSS template I found on Alex King's site.
I forget the name...Like "Summer Breeze" or something....

Although - If we did develop themes and such - where would we post them?


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Ok...Here's the deal.
I installed the mod to set topics as read as soon as they're read. It's working fine - thus this is not a mod issue.

I want to know if it is possible, and what would happen if I disabled the Visit Timout option.

Like, what would happen if I set it to 0. Would it always timeout instantly? Would topics that aren't read never be set as read, even if someone logs out?



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You could just convert to one system that allows conversion from punBB and then to phpBB.
Like a punBB > IPB > phpBB.

But, I wouldn't recommend leaving this place. It's too bootiful!
Don't worry so much about integration. Think ease of use.

This is about as good as you're going to get. The only better board than punBB is in German. And, they haven't done any work on it for around a year.


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Yeah, not a big fan of the Kubrick template...I've been editing one called "Benevolence" in order get things done.

It's a shame that more people can't beautify their sites using CSS.
I mean - It's insane how much a simple "border: solid 1px;" will work on an input, submit, or textbox to create an awesome effect.

Behold my flatty goodness!


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Rickard wrote:

The important thing here is to think differentably.

*roffles on waffles* Now look what you made me do...

Ok, now I'm also slighty confused on this issue...
What is the difference between the first and second CSS files?

I'm a hardcore supporter of CSS, even though most of the browsers I use don't support it (Links, Dillo, and Elinks Hacked)...So, please don't change that.
Couldn't the people who are a tad whiny about the CSS organization change it themselves? tongue

Plus- You can work miracles with CSS. Check out Wordpress or CSS-Zan Garden. It's pure insanity what you can do with valid CSS.

*me goes back to munchin' on sammich*


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On this same note, I would have to use a mod in order to split topics, wouldn't I?

That would be nice.

I laugh because the one thing I would use it for (posting a global set of posting guidelines) I've already done.

Edit: Oh, wait...I didn't realize that I could narrow down the forums I can post this too. yikes Wheee!!!

Connorhd wrote:

yeh i am working on it, i'm just a bit behind since i have had about 10 other punbb things to do wink

What? You're busy running over a few websites, including one that offers hosting solutions for punBB and designing mods and solutions for both at the same time, all while still living a human lifestyle and working on this?

I would have never figured you were busy... tongue

*sits on topic and drools over ConnorHD's portal page*

Ooo...It's working with 1.2
Pritty. tongue

Can't wait 'til it becomes public.

Well, that's what I meant. *l*
Sorry 'bout that.

Gizzmo wrote:

what do you mean, when your viewing the main calendar months? what is the error your geting?

Ok...I'm on the main month. So, I select the month I want to go to from the dropdown...
i.e. "August". It just redirects me to calendar.php as if I hit "Refresh". I can go to the correct month by navigating to it in the address bar, but not by using the dropdown menu.

Paul - Oh...Gotcha. Thanks for that little tidbit. That's helps explain the problem.

hgctv - I'm not a bug fan of adding extra javascript code, since I myself surf with javascript off. Plus, many browsers won't support it.

Rickard - That's what I was thinking about the database issue. That's what I thought that 600 second timer was for. But, I guess not. *blush*
How would a cookie work in that situation?

Exorcist - Thanks for pointing that out. I browsed over it thinking it was the same as the javascript mod. But, I guess not.
Edit: Installed and working great.


Ok, installed and used - Nice.

However, I then had to proceed to go and lock every single post seperately. That was a little annoying. I thought it would only create one post, just display it in all the forums. But, it was really creating copies.

Now, what will happen when responses are made to a global topic? Won't it only show in one copy?

So, this isn't so much a "Global Topic" mod as it is a "Global Topic Copy" mod.

Actually, the ironic thing is that punBB used to be my original forum software. However, I was bugged too much by the fact that after you would read or even post in a topic, it would not mark it as read.

So, even if you just posted to every thread in the forum, it all shows as unread. This bugged me so much that I tried a ton of different systems until I settled on one that got it down pat.

Now, I am wondering if there is an easy way to do this (now that I've migrated back to punBB 1.2.1)...
I would like it so that if you read a topic, click on the "New Post" link, or reply - It marks the topic as read for you...

I don't understand how this could possibly be complex. I mean, this should be able to be done without a javascript or anything of that nature.

Maybe it's just the fact that I don't understand how it works. Let me list my ponderings.

1) I think that the read/unread function in database driven.
2) It updates this only when the user has been idle for a certain amount of time. (Listed in the Admin panel)

So, couldn't a function be inserted to set it as read in the database as soon as it's read, instead of inserting it to be read after x number of seconds?

Any help?

I am having 2 major problems...

The dropdown menu and year insertion box don't work when posting a new event. I can select the month, but then - when I click on the day dropdown - it automatically closes before I can select anything.
The same with the year box. It is unselectable.
I am using Firefox 1.0.

Also, the other error is that when I try to go to a certain month, it just takes me back to "calendar.php".

Aaron - I totally agree. This would be fantastic to use with 1.2.*.
The contant variable in the wiki.php might be a different hook than the 1.2 sytem uses. Check the file for that variable.
Then, check other core pages in punBB for what that could be.

Sorry, I can't help more. I is in a hurry and am not willing to install it on my own forum unless I'm positive that it will work.

*sigh* If only the Hat would work on my old Pen II...
I'm stuck using a HD install of Damn Small Linux...

Dehli Linux doesn't seem to like me...

Actually, the entire site was down for around the last 1 1/2 min with this error.
I checked TextDrive, and it was down also.



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What's really ironic, is that I just got the same error Smarty's got while loking through this topic...

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (61).

Edit: Did it again, right after I posted this...