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Yes, we like it that way. tongue

You must show us the post icon mod!

So, is this not possible or something?  Sorry, I just haven't gotten any replies for days since this was posted.


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Thanks, we will delete them, but it's kind of cool having like 111 registered members! tongue


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Look at our userlist, do you notice something in common?  Names like "adfadgredh", and "5eythrj", how did these get here?  one day, we just see all of those pop up... we enabled guest posting so we might have thought doing that would trigger some guest accounts to be "logged" with that... can you explain what exactly is going on here?  Did someone REALLY register all of those names?  Or what can explain that?

Nobody know? tongue


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Thanks for all the compliments!  We added the website to forum plugin, so people are able to comment through the forums and not just through the website itself.

Edward: blue is one of our alternative colors.  We're working on a random header rotation of banners, of say, about 7, and blue will be included on one.  We have three main colors in black, grey, and white, and one alternative in that dark blue.


We installed this plugin, and it works, inside of posts, mods/admins names are blue, and at the footer, the names are blue... but what about elsewhere?  Such as the "last posted by", area?  Or anywhere else that would have the names we changed in color to be the "default user" color?  Since we want the color to be a universal change on the boards from default color, to our edited usergroups color.


See what I mean?  We're just wondering if it'd be possible to make the typical color in some areas take the change we did.  We are still learning PHP, so, this question, if answered, would help us out.

I posted this at PunRes, but I thought I'd give it a go here.


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Just a bump, since we really changed some little things since I last posted this topic.  Any suggestions at all?  We recently made it so guests can posts... so... guests, feel free! tongue

Ah, I see what went wrong.  It does work.  Yay.

This thing needs to come back!


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No, I can't see that at all.  I changed the title of the image, yes.  I am not sure what the problem is.  Because stickies work just fine.

The locked one just doesn't work (sticky works fine) on 1.2.6...


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This topic shows the codes for adding a sticky and locked topic icon.  The sticky works fine... however, the locked icon doesn't even show up after we uploaded it, yet the sticky continues to work perfectly.

Could there be something wrong in that post?  Because I copied and pasted the code directly, the one I needed to replace over the original code... and nothing.

I'm using PunBB 1.2.6 if this helps matters at all.

Edit, we were dumb.  We figured it all out.


We added the offline/online things... but we don't know how to erase the text of "online/offline", as it will not go away.  Can anybody help with that?

Our server (devilhosting.net) has been having some troubles keeping our site stuff consistant, things get erased, come back, etc

Our forums easily had over 38 members and well near 2000 posts... well... something happened and well, check it out yourself:


Poor boards...


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Check the forums link on the right side.


We are still working on little things, though.

One more post, I am sort of a noob to this (punbb), but, if someone could walk through how I'd replace "email, website, PM" with little graphics instead of generic text, as well as changing the "online/offline" with little banners I have... please tell me!  Everything else with this board system is nearly perfect, just these little things that are bugging me to do.

Nothing I do seems to work...

I also got two online/offline buttons, I am looking at the PunDokuWiki for it, but I really can't get the code to work for it... but thank you I will try that now.

Edit: I found where to edit it... but I put text over "website", but it doesn't show up!!

Thanks for the help.