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I just had the idea of a website that uses PunBB forums... its all a little hazy in my head.

But if it's possible to do "Recent Discussions" on the website then it would also be possible, surely, to do some kind of ticker of recent discussions?

I'm pretty poor at programming, and can just about cope in DW. It'd be nice to use the ol' marquee thing in HTML. Haven't used that since like 1996 when everyone had a marquee across their page big_smile "Welcome to Joe Westhead's Site" scrolling across your screen in size 72 font letters.

Anyway, I digress. The only problem I can think of is making it refresh. Using my limited knowledge, there are 2 options:

1)Let it refresh when the user refreshes/navigates a page on the website.
2)Have it refresh on a time basis?



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Gribber wrote:

Kennel wrote:

gribber wrote:
Perhaps some kind of wordwrap to "Recent discussions" could be useful? like "blablatopic bla...", or i dont know, nice to see all of the topic too, hm smile

Hmm, I don't understand what you mean. Wordwrap?

bad english smile

edit: example: http://lmv.hellburner.net/punbb_recent.png

Can you translate topic id: 2260 into English someone? I'd like to know how to put "Recent Discussions" on my website too..


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ps21 wrote:

JoeWesthead wrote:

And now they are down sad

Well Joe, I make that 23 hours and 3 minutes of happiness. You have used up your entire bliss quota for November.

Actually they went down about 2 hours after going up.

There are lots of host companies offering Free hosting for PHP & have MySQL databases.

Trouble is, I don't know what the heck I'm doing. Would anyone be willing to upload files to relevant places & help me get set up?


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And now they are down sad


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And he is VERY happy smile


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Cool, looks good.

*Sent mail*


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Is there any kind of screenshots of this that you can post?


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Hewitt, are you still offering this at all?

Some people need to get out more..

HL2 was due for release soon and then someone goes and steals the source, accoording to Gabe Newell, MD @ valve.

Some folk reckon its the worst security flaw in gaming history, others think its a publicity stunt to get the game even more recognition.

Personally I think it was stolen 'cos its a pretty bold move to lie about something like this, but you never know. And for the person who did steal it.....

...why bother?

I've found some decent deals on hosting, but they seem to focus on either PHP or ASP. For me to get both, I'd have to subscribe to 2 different packages.

The thing is, I can code in ASP well enough, but haven't found ANY decent forums that even come close to PunBB in that language. I'm making a site and in order to query the DB I am using ASP & an Access database.

I don't know much about PHP but between me & my mate we could implement PunBB on the community part of the site well enough.

So digression over, does anyone know of a decent speed hosting solution that is a reasonable price, and supports both ASP & PHP in the same package.


I'm not sure, I will post later with details once I've had a word. He had only just installed it, but the first thing I noticed was that once I had logged in as Admin correctly, it still said "Not logged in", despite successfully redirecting.

Well done on it though, best I've found from near a hundred i've looked at. How often do you usually make new releases?

I want a forum exactly like PunBB, so gave it to my friend to download.
He has a partitioned HD. One OS is Windows, the other is Linux. Whilst we'll be paying for hosting soon anyway, I wanted to see what the boards run like on his own webspace first.

He uses Windows more but when he installed the boards, he found that although the forums loaded correctly, its functions weren't 100% as they should be.

Does this mean that he's best off running the BB on his Linux OS? Its all new to me. All I know is that I trawled HotScripts, and this is the best I've found. All I can do is graphics & the website, I leave this kind of stuff to him tongue

:n00b alert: