Maybe I've missed a mod somewhere, but what I'd like is to allow guests to post and reply on one particular forum (to post on others, you have to register)...
Is there a mod somewhere already? Or would it be possible to do it without spending hour of coding?

thanks in advance for your ideas and input...


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1. Pour les pages d'administration, il faut éditer dirctement les fichiers, il n'y a pas de variables déclarées pour cela. Si tu veux, je l'ai fait pour ma copie de punbb, donc je peux t'envoyer mes fichiers, mais je dois les "nettoyer" un peu car j'ai modifié d'autres choses...

2. Aucune idée, je n'ai pas encore joué avec le mailer, mais cela ne devrait pas être trop compliqué...


1. In the admin pages, you have to modify the sentences directly in the files, there are no variables for that. If you want, I've done it for myself so I can send you my files (they are not too heavily modded... I hope...)

2. No idea since haven't messed up with the mailer yet, but that shouldn't be too hard to do.


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Nice piece of code wink

I'd like to make the code of my Punbb look like that... I really prefer making "fake tables" with div's than playing with real tables, for one main reason : if you use divs, code is much more easy to read, and easier to "skin" from CSS imho...

Back to work, there's still a long way to make it...
Note for myself : don't forget to test under IE...


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Heh. Got a bloggy thingy over here, I just made it three weeks ago.
Everything is hand-made and in french wink


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No problem Paul. I'll try to keep things as simple as possible. I'll have to make it transitional since there are a few "target="_blank" ; usually I'm playing with XHTML1.0 strict...


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registry >:}


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Yep, just noticed. I'll do it for me on 1.1.4 anyway...


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I know, since I'm translating everything into french right now wink

It's in viewtopic.php, line 138 :

<a href="post.php?tid='.$id.'">'.$lang_topic['Post reply'].'</a>

just change it to

<a style="color: #FF0000" href="post.php?tid='.$id.'">'.$lang_topic['Post reply'].'</a>

if you want it red

Make the same to line 145

You can also put an image  and no text, like this

$post_link = '<a href="post.php?tid='.$id.'"><img src="../gfx/post_ans.png" alt="answer" /></a>';

if your image is in ../gfx/

"subscribe to topic" is far below, check for a line beginning by         $subscraction ...


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Just to let you all know...

I'm currently working on integrating my new PunBB into my site's layout, and I must say I'm not fond of working with tables. All my website is XHTML valid, made with div's and span's and completely stylesheet-based. I'm planning to rewrite all the tables into div's and span to make the forums more readable and easier to skin, too. I'll send you the code when I'm done if you're interested in that...

Any remarks on what should be done to enhance the current layout?


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Rickard wrote:

You're welcome, but why make a new French translation?

The current french translation is not complete and contains some errors. I'm working on one right now. BTW, wouldn't it be possible to define language sheets for the admin variables and texts too?

heh. that's what I thought...


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C'est assez joli, effectivement...
Content de voir des francophones dans le coin...

may I ask for the planned release date? tongue

Well, the problem is long known, I think : when you put a very long line between code tags, the line isn't wrapped. The matter is that posting very long lines happens all the time on my forums (log files...). Sometimes, the lines are so long that they resize the tables even if they're not between code tags...
I've seen this topic where you say there is probably no workaround... Wouldn't it be possible to write a regex doing the wrapping automatically after a given number of characters between code tags, though? I'm not very good with regex and manipulating strings with PHP, so I wonder what it could look like, but it would definately be nice to avoid this ugly resizing... I'm trying to manage something like that, but it could be faster if a code master over could do  or explain it. Or if I'm totally wrong, well, just tell me... ;-)

Thanks alot, it works!
I just have to do some modifications to my includes, resize the forums a bit, and everything works! (I'll have to use new ones, because all other pages are on the root of the website and punbb is in a folder, so the paths in the includes are not correct...)
Great forum, easy to implement and to skin, very well done sincerely... I'll recommend it!
Thanks again for your help!

Hello, nice forum you have there!

I'm trying to get Punbb running on my website, and here is my little problem :

The website is designed in PHP.
the file header.php (built with several includes) displays the banner and the menu
the file footer.php (also built with includes) displays... the footer...
between them, I include dynamically the selected page by using an include, too. So, the included file has no tags like <HTML>, <HEAD> or so, because all this is located in header.php.

The problem is that I would like to include punbb/index.php in this "system", but it simply doesn't appear because it relies on the template main.tpl.

So the question is : how should I have to edit main.tpl to include Punbb in my layout? I believe I should make it look like my header.php file... but where do I need to put the main.tpl arguments?
(if it's not clear, I'll try to post more detailed explanations...)

thanks for replying and keep u the good work!