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Bulgarian language listed here is a pure English, there is no yet released any Bulgarian translation, please update your lists.
This translation will be send in 2 or 3 days for verification and corrections, then will be listed on www.cmsbg.info and after that will be mailed to PunBB author.

The titles cant be longer then 70 chars.
If u are trying to use Turkish or cyrillic with ISO8859-1 u will be limited to 10, for Turkish is iso8859-5 if I'm not wrong, otherwise switch to UTF-8, for cyrillic have to be set to CP1251 (unsuported anymore).


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PunBB reported: Couldn't get mail server response codes

It can get Sendmail, Exim, PostFix, Qmail etc. - Hello, here is server/version.
in two words, your smtp is not configured properly.
Next time try with:
My SMTP is PostFix version and I'm using xxx distro, someone with the same configuration can give u fast and accurate answer.

Put an .htaccess file in your root of the forum with the following content

PHP_FLAG default_charset UTF-8

Some HSP are still on the old incompatible ISO8859-1 smile

PHP_FLAG default_charset ISO8859-1

If u're HSP set it by default to be UTF-8, and u prefer the old way
Check your PHPInfo, if Iconv is not supported, change the HSP smile