A great guide / reference to textile: http://hobix.com/textile/

It's got clear examples for the most common features. The box on the left is the textile markup, the grey box is the browser markup, and the yellow box is what will be displayed in a browser. (What everyone will see.)

Look at the website / apache logs, if you have them. They might tell you what error is causing the lack of output.

Interesting idea. I'd never thought about replacing BBCode with Textile or any other alternative formatting (wikipedia?). I suppose if you do it right, you could create a mod that would let people mix in whatever formatting codes make sense to them, on top of the BBCode. But that would probably slow down the forum - or um, I forget: is the XHTML of a post cached in the database? It's been too long ... But I'll admit, I always thought *bold* (textile) made more sense than the BBCode or wikipedia versions.

StevenBullen wrote:

If you check round in the forums you will find simliar posts with simliar request. ...

Haha, gotta love the "respond without thinking" technique Steven's demonstrating here wink

Seriously though, just recommend people get Aardvark for Firefox or something.


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reviewum.com wrote:

... I wanted to ask a question or two to many of those who posted in this topic...


Many are closed / unavailable... one even says "bye" on the homepage:  WHY???    Did it close because of costs of running it or another reason?

Also, many more are on a different forum script?!!?!?!  WHY???   Did you move it from PunBB  because of the reason mentioned earlier in this thread... because members requested more features... or another reason?

Well, mine was at www.cspotkill.com and then at www.cszen.com - but that won't work right now, because I'm switching hosts atm. And as I wrote in http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=8774 I switched to SMF because of the extra features (and I thought it could handle the load better). While I've no complaints with SMF (certainly, at the time, they had better HTML markup than PunBB) it seems PunBB has evolved farther and faster than SMF, and hasn't needed the extra features to do so. So I'll be switching back, as soon as I can upload everything. (Amazing how much junk can clutter your webspace after a few years)

Hey everybody.

So it's been over a year since I last saw the PunBB homepage. And while I'm sorry I wasn't around or using it, it does mean I'm pleasantly surprised to see how nice PunBB is today. smile It was good enough at the end of 2003, and although by 2004 it was feeling a bit cluttered, now in 2005 either the design has matured, or I've forgotten what it was like in 2003. (probably a bit of both)

I'll admit that when, in mid-2004, I was faced with a merger that would expand my small PunBB-based community website from about 500 people to twice that - with maybe hundreds of posts each day - I didn't think that PunBB 1.1.4(?) would cut it. So I switched to the newly released beta 5 of SMF. And while it worked well enough, with PMs and everything, I never did get it just the way I liked it. I even styled it so it looked like PunBB, because I missed that simplistic layout.

And now, seeing how PunBB is still in constant development, and is looking pretty nice, while SMF hasn't changed all that much since beta 5, maybe I'll switch back wink For the record, SMF 1.1 should be a big improvement, but it's taken so long that I don't know if I'll bother with it. And since I'm doing a lot more www.rubyonrails.com based development, having an all-in-one communications solution isn't as important to me as it once was. Plus, I've always hated looking through both Gmail and PMs for a message someone said they sent me (without telling me where they sent it to).

Anyway, just a quick little note. Keep up the good work! -- Louis.


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Yeah yeah, and I was using your words instead of thinking up my own.

I still think Opera is more standards compliant, but even if it isn't, it's a better browser than Mozilla anyway. Firefox might get better, but Opera is still faster and more stable than Firefox, so I use it more often, because I know I can depend on it working the way I expect.


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It is also useful if you spend too long replying to one topic that you time out, so you can quickly see what you haven't read yet in one list, instead of browsing through each forum looking for one or two topics.


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Rickard wrote:
Madoor wrote:

- A mail system?

What's a mail system? You mean like a mass mailing system? In that case yes and no. 1.2 will make it really easy to drop in admin modules. A mass e-mail system is a classic admin module.

oooh oooh oooh! I can't wait! Anything to make my life easier :D

(I can think up so many admin extensions right now ... mmm. But anyway ... )


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"Dental Boot Camp"


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I guess since Chacmool has already tested his new version with your database, he'll have a better file for you to use ...


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There was a lot of discussion from July 23rd to the 26th last year on the www-style@w3.org mailing list about the sample stylesheets: … &hl=en

Basically, some argue that they should be removed, that browsers don't have to implement them, they're just guidelines, among other comments ...


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Jansson wrote:

Isn't margin and padding two different things? :P

Yes, and that's why margin:0 didn't kill the padding in Opera, and why Opera is more standards compliant than Firefox/IE.

See also: http://jking.dark-phantasy.com/writings … dding.html
http://www.opera.com/support/search/sup … ?index=727


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Rickard wrote:

You mean using sessions as well? The answer is no.

Actually, no, I meant it more as a warning for people like myself who disable guest read access that perhaps I've lost a few users along the way ...


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Homer wrote:

I have reformated and reinstalled my PC, and I still have this strange bug.

Then perhaps it has something to do with the setup of your web server and the way IE is communicating with your server, or something like that? (I've no idea, actually, so feel free to ignore this. However I did have problems with IE and communicating form data differently from other browsers, while modifying the PunBB preview mod.)


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Rickard wrote:
Madoor wrote:

is there an error if the user don't accept cookies?

No. He/she just can't login.

Something to consider, if Guests can't read the forum or post ...


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Rickard wrote:

Not right now. I am however working on setting up SubVersion (similar to CVS, but better). When that's ready, you will be able to fetch the latest development version via the repository.

Yumm. Can't wait! :D

Thanks for pointing out SubVersion to me, I can't believe I haven't heard of it before. :/
Time to read up on it. (I love professional, free ebooks)

Meilad wrote:

To the point. Jansson there was an error in the coding of the post enhancer as I suspected.

Last I checked, Rob made this Post Enhancer. Check the read me, the subject of this thread, or the first post author. Jansson was just commenting on the install instructions, since they look the same for every mod.


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I'll test it ... with your DB, Joey (and PunPolls, now that I can download it)


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What would you be custom implementing then, for the name fields, time zone, etc?

If you're going to use RDF anyway, why not use the vCard properties just to store the username, e-mail, and timezone, then ... and leave the rest for whatever custom RDF spec you create? Or not ... but I would still lean towards using standards than ingoring them.

BTW, Jabber (an open source chat network) uses vCard XML for their profile system. And I still feel that vCard (with other profile extensions) could be a useful feature for PunBB in business contexts.

PunRes is down, temporarily. See this thread for details.

You can access this project's files at: http://www.punres.org/files/projects/pr_34/

Also available:

Mountains.css a theme based off of this mod. http://www.punres.org/files/styles/st_16/

For other mods and styles, see: http://www.punres.org/files/


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Well, you could have vCard be a profile option, perhaps, so they could disable it if they wanted.

In theory, you could add X- fields for AIM and the rest, use the time zone propery for their time zone, maybe even extend the profiles with "Real info" fields and you could load it in Outlook, or perhaps load it into Trillian with a plugin or something, to add new users from their X-AIM fields, etc. I found it rather tedious to search for people with AIM, then browse through each profile for people's screennames to add, and keep doing that for all four services.

I mentioned other ideas above  ... But I suppose it's not that big a deal.


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Windows XP