here's an awesome article about SPAM that came up around 4 days ago: … ct_specter

read it and for sure you will be enlighted! smile


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i just wanna say i did something so simple to deny 90%+ of all spam signups on my site.

2 things:

1. i added a anti-spam math quiz when ppl sign up


2. it checks if the "spambot" selects a certain (non-default) timezone.. which pretty much NO ONE LIVES IN, and does not allow the person/bot to go beyond that point. smile

check it out at:


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tomekf wrote:

When Hdiff will be ready ? I need to update my forums manually roll

yes., hdiff ftw. this is the MAIN reason why i absolutely LOVE punbb. my forums are -so- mega-modified, that any instance of an upgrade would downright kill it. hdiff, while a tedious process, it works 100% smoothly with every upgrade... kudos to the punbb team for that!

DST is lame, is there going to be a patch for 1.2.x system released soon?

this entire DST crap that GWB invoked is completely stupid and messed a lot of things up.

um ok, i give up - where's the download link at?

it's changed like this that are so trivial, i wonder why the get brought up... anyone installing something like this should have a somewhat basic skillset and ability to change things at will for their site.

p0Wer wrote:

Is there a way to record the amount of guests that visit the forums in 24 hours?

I already have the online today list, and I was wondering if it's possible to count guests hmm

yes of course there is, somewhere on punres i answered this question fully and provided screenshots.

i also noticed you signed up on my punbb site... while i have a mod that shows the last 24 hours of guests, this is only available to the moderators and admins of my site.

Shinryu wrote:
thegleek wrote:

some people are just clueless. period. i dont see how a community has to support ppl who dont even know the basics.

If you're going to release code of any sort, you're obligated to not be a dick and help the person.  Period.

thats not entirely true.

so just cuz you release code, yer saying you need to support a user who doesnt know how to install linux, apache, or what not to run x code? i think not. there always has to be pre-requisites.


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deadram wrote:

Erm... name it? For starters, I could actually use something that resembles perl regex tongue Array handling. Doing RLE on  data to "bypass" the memory limits of php.

php is a great tool to make a counter on your website, It's not a great tool to handle any amount of data larger then the average e-mail (without attachments tongue).

ok TROLL... and thats why the entire punBB is coded in PHP, cuz it all it does is count webpage hits right? yeah.


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now i'm curious too!

whats with the countdown?

some people are just clueless. period. i dont see how a community has to support ppl who dont even know the basics.


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deadram wrote:

They should just give us raw access to pointers, so we can actually write efficient code XD

for php? i dont think so. prove something where direct access to pointers in php will be a benefit...


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good catch indeed. just switch around the endif and div tags like smartys mentioned above. fixed.

F.M wrote:

How do i link two table sin a dbase using mysql

How do i host my site with punbb for free? the site is already made.

mr kenya dude, why cant u fork out some cash to pay for server hosting? the most it'll run ya is $65/yr, or is that more than you make in a year?

yes join, but join can be a complex subject in the sql world... here's the easiest way to do a join with 2 tables:


now MIND you, thats only an EXAMPLE.. but the basis is there.


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deadram wrote:

Couldn't you use a string type too, and escape the binary data? dono what the limits on string types are in mysql though tongue

you mean a TEXT datatype? feh. not a good idea.

anyways, read all you want on TEXT -vs- BLOB here:

nickaster wrote:

Hmm... 'cept wordpress only publishes dynamically which can kill you if you have a big site, plus seems very inflexible in terms of design.  Either way, are there instructions for integrating it with PubBB?

nope. nothing. good luck with that. while yer at it, you figure it out for the punbb community and post up a faq how you did it smile

erinther wrote:

Hi. thank for your answer. I tired it but my perl scripts are located in plugins. I mean passthru does not work for it, at least I could not figure it out.You mentioned "cookie handling". well, that is the point I need help. I don't know how to manipulate or call cookie's data in my php or perl script. I tried in my perl script to print the cookie created by punbb and i got something like that:


I need  to get some data from cookie and then put it inside a froum and send it to perl script to evalute it .

you do realize thats how an ARRAY of some variable looks when you insert it within a db?


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F.M wrote:

Smartys i havent hosted my site yet.
Am still using it within the local area network.
the path is;

Nzoia is the server name
fngari is the global folder name
punbb is the folder that has my site

serve it up on the web and maybe we can access it from where we are at, rather than your local network only...


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no real sense in storing images into a db.. and yeah its a BLOB (binary large object), either way you do it, it's going to take up hdd space.

nickaster wrote:

hmmm...  darn.  I suppose WordPress is better?

um 100000000000x and than some!

moaiamorfo wrote:

hi thegleek,

if you read my post, you can see that I used the "(1)" as a reference for the code:

<script type="text/javascript">


hi all

yeah yeah.. well regardless,  got it working on my site 100%. so all kudos to you sir smile

oh gawd... movable type is a coding nightmare! i don't even want to phathom thinking how merging the two would be possible, or if anyone is even willing to take on that task!


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i <3 arabic music... is this a post what u got free-for-all?