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Do you have any extensions / modifications to the PunBB forum.

The users need to provide more infomation as this problem is new. Can you find out what browser they are using? Can you reproduce the problem?

Are there any logs in the error log for the server relating to this?


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You cannot create a portal on Pun-hosting.com. To make a portal you need to host the site yourself.

Them two fields arnt in the standard PunBB core. What extensions do you have installed?

If you havnt made any modifications to the core of PunBB then you can just upload all the files excluding the config file.

*Make sure you have a back up of both the Files and Database*

First you always need to make sure you have a back up of both the files and DB. Some hosts keep back ups them self but i wouldn't count on it.

Enable debug mode and go to a post, see what the error says, Then try find that post in the DB.

If you belive this gets too complicated, you can email me your login details and Ill see what I can do.


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You might be able to use an Iframe to inlude the site, orther than that your have to ask at php-Nuke.

At the moment there are limited styles avalibe for punbb 1.3.

Have a look at this: http://www.keydogbb.info/dhtml/keydog-1 … angmod.php and sort it by styles.


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This request was made in 2004 and I dout the poster is still around.

However this mod would be good for 1.3.

I agree and offical documentation for changing the style will be added to our site.

To Add a new style:

  • Place them in directory <FORUM_ROOT>/style.

To Change a your style:

  • To change only your profile, so only you see the new style you go to profile and Settings

  • To change the forum style then go to the admin panel and settings

Please note: Changing the style in the admin panel will not update current user styles, unless ALL other styles are removed. If the main style in the admin panel is changed then any currently registered users must change theirs manually.

Sorry for the confusion. I have now added this to our Wiki.


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I understand the first bit but i am having trouble trying to understand the last two lines.

If you want the music to play when someone presses play then you need an aplication, such as this: http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/


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not really no. You need the IDs inplace to get the right content and searching on names isnt going to be accurate.

We may look into something like this. We have a feature on the future plans to have a feature so the forum dosnt stop working if there is no database connection. so this might be an option.


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Are they valid 1.3 modifications?


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From what it looks like above, that is the user title. Change that in the admin panel / User profile.

If you use the search feature ( as standard with evey Punbb forum tongue ) http://fluxbb.org/wiki/v1.3:developing_extensions

have a look at http://fluxbb.org/wiki/v1.3:developing_ … #databases

I will let the developers know, If they dont already.

This is possible to do with 1.2. The modification for attachements is avaliable at www.punres.org

Unfortunally there isnt a mod like this for 1.3, Yet.


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Personally I dont think there is much of a need for advertising of Punbb sites, There hasnt really been the need in the past.


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I reccomend using firefox and two extensions called ardvark and web developer, they will allow you to see what div's each box is and can allow you to change the CSS live, locally.


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Added to:

This has been reported. Sorry.

http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ain-cases/


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Agree. I dont like working with the CSS and markup too much though. neutral


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You will have to make an extension. I havnt looked at the Poll code but you will have to use that code, Or see if the developers can help.