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PunBB contribution

This page describes the ways you may help to improve PunBB and help us to speed up PunBB development.

How can I help right now?

The most urgent tasks to be done.

User requests

Do you think you know what we should do first of all or what we shouldn't forget. Great!

  • Add very urgent and/or important task we've missed right here.

Report bugs at PunBB 1.3 bugs page, please. Request features at PunBB feature requests page. Request extensions at PunBB 1.3 extension requests page. Thanks.


  • Documentation: help us to improve PunBB wiki
    • Create the missing pages: follow the red links :-)
    • Fix the mistakes: track recent changes
    • Add more details: links, examples, tips and s.o.
  • User support
    • Visit Forums to provide the support in English
    • Visit one of the local communities to provide the support in your native language
  • PunBB core code review: find the bugs, vulnerabilities and the ways to make the PunBB code simpler and faster
  • Extensions development

See also

1) e.g. :punbb13:pun_pm ⇒ :punbb13:extensions:pun_pm

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