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Broadcast e-mail (pun_admin_broadcast_email)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: stable
  • Current version: 0.2

General idea

The extension allows administrators to send e-mail messages to groups of users.


pun_admin_broadcast_email 0.1

  • Interface
    • Broadcast email page
      • The list of user groups
      • The link to the broadcast email help page
      • Field for e-mail subject
      • Field for e-mail message
    • Broadcast email help page
      • The list of possible template variables in the e-mail template.

pun_admin_broadcast_email 0.2 (current version)

  • Interface
    • Added “Emails per cycle” field
  • Fixed error with connection timeout.

Future requests

* Unsubscribe from broadcast-email. For example, add a checkbox in user profile page, or unsubscibe by admin.



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