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Logging of events(pun_admin_log)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: under development
  • Current version: 1.0

General idea

Logs a lot of forum's events.



Logs lots of PunBB events.

List of actions

  • Installation and uninstallation of extensions
  • Enabling and disabling extensions
  • Changing keys of Administration Settings
  • Deletion of topics, posts, forums, categories
  • Sticking, unsticking topics
  • Opening, closing topics
  • Moving topics
  • Merging topics
  • Splitting posts
  • Changing topic's subject and message.


  • File “forum.log”
  • “Features page”
    • Enable logging to file
    • Enable logging to database
    • Path to log-file
  • “Events” page on management tab in administration menu.


Extension uses the table of the extension pun_admin_events.

Additional config values in the “config” table.

conf_name conf_value (default)
o_pun_admin_path_log_file FORUM_ROOT/extensions/pun_admin_log/forum.log
o_pun_admin_log_write_db 1
o_pun_admin_log_write_file 1

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