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Registration via invitation letter (pun_invitation_only)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: stable
  • Current version: 1.0.0

General idea

You should use this extension in case you want to limit registrations of new users on your forum. With pun_invitation_only extension new members can register only in case you send them an invitation letter with the hyperlink containing unique invitation code.

Invitation code can be used only once. After being used it becomes invalid. Invitation letters can be send by forum administrator or by the groups of users, to whom administrator gives a permission to invite new members.


pun_invitation_only 1.2.0 (current version)


  • Administrator's menu
    • User » Groups » Edit this group (or Add new group) » Allow users to invite new members. If checked, users of this group will be able to send invitation letters to invite new memmbers.
    • Setting » Features » Enable invitation system (Enables registration via invitation letters)
  • Forum's header
    • “Invitation” link (refers to the page with invitation form. Used to send invitation emails).
  • Invitation page
    • Email text box (email of a person user wants to invite)
    • Message text box (Invitation message to replace standart invitation template)
    • Submit button (sends email to the specifyed address)
  • User's profile
    • “Invited by” block. Represents information about a person by whom user was invited to register on a forum.
    • “Invited users” block. Represents a list of users who were invited to register on a forum by this user.

DB schema

  • A new table “pun_invitations_only”. Stores information about invitations.
Field Type Default Description
inviter_id int(10) Inviter ID.
invitee_code varchar(32) Invitee code.
invitee_email varchar(80) Email address of a person to whow invitation is sent.
created int(10) Date when invitation letter was sent.
used int(10) Date when the invatation was used.

* Additional field in groups table

Field Type Default Description
g_allow_invite tinyint(1) NULL Shows whether the user can invite new members or not.

Feature requests

Add personal message to the email. For example a short message saying why the forum is recommended.



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