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Move Posts (pun_move_posts)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: Stable
  • Current version: 1.0.1

General idea

This extension allows moving selected posts from a topic.


pun_move_posts 1.0.0

  • Interface
    • A button “Move selected posts” in the topic moderation menu.
    • A page for choosing the destination topic
      • The list of accessible topics is displayed as a drop-out list.

pun_move_posts 1.0.1

  • Changed the algorithm of transferring posts. When you move a post, its copy is created in the destination topic with a new ID. The old post is removed.


A manager has the possibility of transferring one or more posts from one topic to another.

Feature request

  • Allow to ignore the dates when moving posts to a new topic. (The date and time of the moved posts will change to the actual moving time).
  • The first post of the topic must be movable. If you move this post, all other posts of this topic will be moved with it and this topic will be deleted automatically.
  • Сreate a page for the step by step post's selection. First you can choose a forum, then you select the topic.
  • Leave a redirect post in the topic from which the post was moved
  • Allow to choose the topic number for destination topic


Trac ticket #297


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