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Tags (pun_tags)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: Stable
  • Current version: 1.4

General idea

You can mark your topic with a unique tag.


pun_tags 1.2

Show tag cloud
  • Separated by whitespaces;
  • Listed alphabetically;
  • For each tag:
    • Tag name (maximum 100 symbols);
    • Link leading to the topics associated with a tag:
      • Support SEF URL;
    • Font size is assigned by the number of topics associated with this tag;
    • Show on the pages:
      • Home page;
      • Forum page;
      • Topic page;
      • Page with new messages of the forum;
      • Search result page.
Extension pages
  • Search results:
    • Tag cloud is above the list of finding topics;
  • Create \ Edit topic:
    • Input box is below the text message;
  • Administration \ Settings \ Features \ General features:
    • Checkmark “Show tag cloud”;
    • Input box “Limit of tags entered in the tag cloud”.
DB chart
  • Table “config”:
    • Storage of all tags associated with specified topics;
    • Fields:
      • o_pun_tags_show;
  • Table “topic_tags”:
    • Storage of tag list;
    • Fields:
      • id (PRIMARY KEY);
      • topic_id;
      • tag_id;
  • Table “tags”:
    • Storage of tag names;
    • Fields:
      • id (PRIMARY KEY);
      • tag.

pun_tags 1.3

  • The tag cloud is displayed at the bottom of pages now.
  • A tag is shown in the cloud only if the user has the permission to read the forum with a tagged topic.
  • In the tag cloud, the count of tags is displayed based on user's reading permissions for the forum.

pun_tags 1.3.1

  • Add a group permission for the ability to mark topics by tag.
  • Add a notice “Tag:” or whatever to the cloud of tags.
  • Add a divider of tags in the cloud, which will be specified by admin.

Future releases

pun_tags 1.4 (current version)

  • Add a page where an administrator could see all tags and edit them.

pun_tags 1.5

  • Search results will contain topics marked with tags, written in keywords.


Feature request

  • Add checking for maximum count of tags in input box;
  • Add maximum count of tag cloud for topics.
  • Turn of links underline for tags in default Oxygen style.
  • Option to force “lowercase” (or “capitalization”) of tags
  • limit multi-word tags to X (ie: 2 or 3) – avoids mis-tagging as 'foo bar biz baz' when what they really meant was 'foo, bar, biz, baz'


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