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if only there were something online that let you search on particular topics to find out more information...


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I thought it sent the email address of the sender (and just tested it from here), so yea, the only thing the form mailer stops is bots that scrape html and gather email addresses. user anonymity is always going to be compromised using email over pm.


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edit the bit of code pogen posted and replace it w/ a hidden form element named silent w/ a value of 1 or edit the isadmmod if statement & comment out the if and braces.


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I've never used punbb's form mailer (admins get the email addr).  how does one respond to a form sent email if there is no sender, or the sender is the board admin email addr?


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there are a number of reasons for having pm's on bb's.  1. some would rather have correspondence flow through their site which can be monitored and keeps people coming back to the site (to check pm). 2. users never contact others directly.  I would rather have my kids using a bb that never allows random bb subscribers from emailing them directly.  direct contact is fine for responsible parties, but as we all know, not everybody you meet on a board or chat is who/what they claim. 3. it keeps your email address out of people's contact lists who you don't absolutely know to be virus (spam) free.  if you send a pm/email to somebody and they reply, your email addr is stored in their history which may fall prey to some unscrupulous bit of code, and wham, you're getting 500 emails for viagra a day.

personally I'm an anonymous freak so I'd never want ppl emailing me directly unless I give permission.


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10 for a year? lol where?  if it is it wont include a database, email, and all that other stuff, and if it does I doubt it will be around for a year.  domains are 10 bucks for a year, but that doesn't include a place to host the site, which is what I volunteered to do... thats 5 bucks a month, which is a pretty good deal, but if you aren't interested, then, your loss.


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buy a domain at godaddy (or where ever), paypal me $60 and I'll set you up w/ web (w/ punbb installed), ftp, and email for a year.  software at nullfx dot com is my paypal addr if you're interested.

http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?que … 210.63.255


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open list directory?


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is that in your root .htaccess file?  if so are those the only rewrite rules in there?


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because "forumname/index.php" is not matched by the regex "^([^/]+)/([^/]*)\?([^/]*)$" but is matched by "^([^/]+)/([^/]*)$" and thus rewrites your url as base_forum/$2?forum_name=$1 where:
$1 = forumname
$2 = index.php

in your index.php dump the get array to see if forum_name is there.


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click on user groups in the admin panel, select guest, tick off no for everything, save.


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its all a matter of style / what you are in the habit of doing.  I always use <?= $myvar ?> inside html instead of <? echo $myvar ?> but wouldn't suggest that everyone code like me.

if $q == 1:

feels much too much like bourne shell scripting, and much like vb, I cant stand that.

are you using the website builder or the dynamic website thing?

you can create a file called .htaccess in the home directory for your site, and add the following text:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^forum/index\.html$ /forum/index.php [L]

then for your button destination, use /forum/index.html and it will take you directly to the forums.

if you have to have a physical file then use viperxx's suggestion and add that to the punbb.html file.


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I hope you're just going to school up there, if not, I'm sorry big_smile  My wife's a UNT alumni.

I don't know if our accounts work the same.  I was one of their original members that they gave 3 yrs free to, and I just recently converted over to their business class service, but in your domain overview

click on your domain and edit the destination

where ever you choose is the root level folder (here dev.sanity-free.org is rooted in /dev)

then ftp to your server, and whatever folder you specified above will be the starting point

like there /dev is the root or home directory for dev.sanity-free.org.  if you had /dev/punbb, the dev.sanity-free.org/punbb would be where that points to.  inside punbb make sure there isn't an index.html file in that folder.


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too pink.

denton eh?  I live in dallas, denton county.  hello neighbor.

<rant>I use the same providers as they do, and I absolutely hate their error pages... I sure as hell don't like my 404 pages showing up 1and1.com ads supposedly having something to do w/ my site...</rant>

you need to remove the index.html file from your punbb directory.  thats why the page is showing up wrong if you don't specify the index.php at the end of the punbb directory.

if you copy the html for your punbb.html into your main.tpl, and replace the code inside your block that says click here to open, w/ the <pun_xxx> tags, then the forums will show up inside your site template as if it were integrated (except the link to the forums would need to be http://signersconnect.net/punbb instead of punbb.html)


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have you chased the user contributed comments down on php.net?  looks like there's plenty of examples on ways to make it work.

its going to use a regex regardless.  that is just the way it evaluates the match pattern, so even if you have an exact match pattern (meaning no actual matching patterns) its still going to use regex.  and as mentioned the [L] parameter specifies that a correct match will be the last one tested (much like a break in a switch statement).  since switch is implemented as a test condition (like an if statement) on the machine level, yes, technically a switch would be "faster" though not as efficient and a verbose matching syntax (which is why regex exist in the first place), because to test the complex conditions that regex can handle, you're going to go through the same test cases regardless if you have a huge switch statement or a simple regex pattern.

this is the official documentation for the rewrite engine.  I think how it works is pretty plainly stated there.

webservers are fairly complex applications.  regardless of if you're using apache or IIS there are a lot of extra things that happen between request and response.  adding a URL rewrite to a request is not going to affect a webserver like putting a heavy processing script (an infinite loop in code for example).  Your point of diminishing return is almost always going to be the bottleneck caused by slow internet speeds, rather than a client waiting on a webserver to process some 200+ rewrite rules.


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Christmas skit full of politically correct humor: http://sanity-free.org/misc/nightb4xmas.wm

you can create a rewrite map that does the exact same thing as your rewriter.php and does so inside the rewrite process.

whether the rerouting is done internally in apache, or externally through one homogeneous php script, its still doing the same thing, and I'd tend to bet on apache's solution being the faster implementation.

I've seen diagrams of apache's request routing and whether or not you use the rewrite rules, that request goes through the same process, so adding 1 step to your page loading I'd think wouldn't be that you'd notice.


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love the submerged style... very nice.


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I only said that because on another forum I had a long time ago (a phpbb install), I'd show up several times in the who's online section of the admin page, and they all showed me as the user for all the ip addresses.