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I am getting this alot and thus changed it to a www. (not sure why it isn't working) Will this fix it you think or what is the problem?
Website is or


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Is your hosting down? your site and the forums are not working :-/.


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Well I have a friend that wants to make a skin for a forum; it is punbb and default size and all that. He is asking for the gfx :-/ and he also wants to know like how can he code it, he has the talent in making images for each part but he needs to be able to code it. Can any one help?


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what the hell does the rows and size mean and why does it matter? lol


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ahh thats a sweet idea I like it alot
i say we add it, well at least think about it for the next addition

lol well Connorhd thank you for assisting us with the forum we have, we needed it on a different server, well you probably know since treacher talked to you, well any ways thank you so much.
Ahh so there is no way.. so no one has made a mod yet, smarty that one u said does it?

well i want half of the moderators to beable to access the admin forum and the other half not to wink

Well i need 2 sets of moderators some half mods and some full mods. I also have a Admin forum that I only want the full mods to see. I can not make any user groups that I can actually set users to beable to moderate. Is there a way to do this?

Also how can i add a custom skin?

SO this mod allows people to be in more then one group?
If so that would help out so much on my forum.


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yeah well I do not know if you atually knew our forum buty we have had many problems, Liek i said we cannot access the old server any more meaning we canot unclose it, further more we could not just close off registering because then that would ruin our forums for the game, and we couldn't let it stay because thjen the spamming would of just stayed. ANd we could not go to beta 2.0 because of the problem I could not update it because of no access to the server.
Well please when ever its ready could there be a announcment right away, and/or email me at


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ooo ok
well I guess as long as its a good bug to fix, well any FF bug is good to fix considering most ppl use FF now adays lol.


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Ok well the only reason I was asking is because on the home page of this site it said we expect to release it 2morrow, so I was sort of wondering.
Well any ways, I just hope it comes out soon.
Yes is the one that we took down, we are not bringing that back up on that domain, and maybe we will bring back out posts how ever, if we can. We had a problem with admin server it was based on a school server so we could not log in, also only one of our staff (there?s 3 of them) could access the server admin panel so we have a new server for it but still want to use PunBB.
So if you can tell me if there is a way to retrieve our posts as well that would be greatly appreciated.

Is the bug the thing about how it did 1...3.4.5? well if so be my guest but mainly i made this topic just to hear from one of con or u lol. Well thank you very much for replying.

PS: oh yeah the reason we closed it is because we had a problem iwth the IP and we were never able to change that and we had about 30 accounts made and spammed about 50 times each making alot of crap for us to delete, we eventually just closed the forum and got a temperary phpbb. But like i said we really really wanna move back so we are just waiting for the 1.2 to come back.


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Its been 5 days since you said the release of the 1.2... you also said it would be out 2-3 days later and now its 5 days later.. So when will it be released? Can you please tell me, i cannot re-open our forums until we get 1.2... and we were your second largest forum. So please tell me when it will be re-opened.
Your friends at Legend Arena


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Connorhd wrote:

at least a year wink (actually a day or two)

its been 2 days, so when can we finally upgrade ours????


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oo.. is mine not the right type? hmm no wounder it wasn't working lolol


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Well im stupid sadely enough but not totally stupid
I wanna make a forum and have been wanting to for some time
I have this as a host
and i got smart ftp on my comp..
and i have Dled the Ftp files.. i have no idea how to get them onto the website, i have a place were i can use ftp tho.. but iono what to do with smart ftp.. can any one help?
(the guide to install don't help me:()

med how did u make it so chal had 0 posts in post total? did u just deleate his post count?

PS: of you give some one more then one grp.. what grp will they be under? is it just the highst one up?


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ok thanks
So any one pretty much, if the owner of the forums lets u use the FTP then u may. ok good


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I have a question about these, I have no idea if FTP is the correct word but i hear people use it.
I am woundering any amount of people can have the source files to a forum as long as the person who created the forum gave you permission to give it to them or he gave it to you. Correct?
or can only one person have it?

Congratz on bumping us down to 2


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Paul wrote:

No I have never used it.

I would replace it with "Show todays posts" which shows all posts within the last 24 hours or Chacmools suggestion for guests and those who have not loggon on.

eeee i likey i likey..
hehe that would work

sim I like the look of that much more


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wow that was really nice
it is extremly quick the pictures came rite up compaired to some where they take some time to load

thats tight. I would love the code, I will give it to the main admin (he won't let any of the other admins get theFTP or what ever)

well zypher its to rate the post, then in the profile it gives there average rating of a all posts to pretty much show if they are giving good posts or not. It isn't to show whos good and bad, but if the posts are good and bad.
ANd connorhd it sounds like a great mod
EDIT: do u have it so each IP can vote only once per post or is it just update slow?