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And it has an extension system?


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Epiphone wrote:

IT was an example, and their are forums 900 times less weight than Pun, just not very impressive looking.



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Epiphone, why are you making a whole new forum, why not just develop extensions to add features, I think you'll find more people would be willing to help you with that too.


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I have no idea what the best way to say it is, I think that is fine, but I'm not sure.


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If you use PunBB 1.3 RC then you also need to reference FluxBB in there.


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lie2815 wrote:
hcgtv wrote:

Check out Franz's PunHooks site, especially the hooks page.

Cool. You seem to be the only one who likes it wink

Just to let you know, I think some of the ideas on your site is great, I don't really like the idea of another separate site, I think this page is great though http://lie2815.heliohost.org/sys/projec … =bbcodebar


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hcgtv wrote:

Moving forward, you call it Neal, this is your baby now.

Surely none of us actually have any say in what happens to this forum, which is the problem in the first place.

hcgtv wrote:
sirena wrote:

What happened to PunBB = fast and light?

When you start adding extensions into the mix, fast and light gives way to extensible.

Not necessarily if the extensions are well written, the karma extension is not.

You know what happened, you were just whining in an non-constructive manner, again, and no need to be sarcastic.


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hcgtv: what do you really think is going to happen here?

As you have already been told, this site is not going to move back to PunBB.org, even if it did, the developers that moved to FluxBB would not come back to develop PunBB. The PunBB core is not being developed here, it is currently the FluxBB core rebranded, posting feature requests here will not do much good I wouldn't think.

Things have changed, for better or for worse, they aren't going to "unchange"

That's what this extension removes.

For those who don't like having their installed Pun extensions in their footer http://connorhd.co.uk/remove_pun_footer.zip

The PunBB extensions should run on FluxBB, although some of them might need a later SVN version than beta 2, PunBB RC 1 is just a rebranded copy of FluxBBs SVN.


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hcgtv wrote:

Come to think of it, maybe that's the plan, to let it all die.

What is your problem? I don't think anyone involved has done anything with any malintent, the most damaging posts are from you, not anyone involved in either FluxBB or PunBB.


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Looks good to me, if you could come up with a neater way to display subforums it would be nice, as you say the list in europe is very long.

tbh, its unlikely the 1.2 branch will change much and by the sounds of it you'll be editing files manually to upgrade anyway, so i don't think thats much of an issue, I doubt you've got much of a speed/space benefit though.

hcgtv wrote:

Here, pick a color - http://www.jsand.net/spinkbb/?lang=en

Thats not for 1.3 hmm

hcgtv wrote:

As for all the designers moving over to FluxBB, that's like saying all the Debian themers are now using Ubuntu.

He didn't say all, and thats hardly a good analogy.


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hcgtv: Since when did open source mean "software that nobody could own", open source is not about ownership.

hcgtv wrote:

Then it hit me today, what prevents you guys from selling FluxBB to the next bidder?

I think its pretty obvious this is not our plan, but anyway, do you really think something should prevent us?


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Ok, i'm struggling a bit to answer this well, but this wasn't a move against Rickard, whatever happens in the future he is currently not active in PunBB or FluxBB, and therefore he is not in control of PunBB, which is what our problem is. We were happy to be under his "command" but not the new owners.
I'll hope to see you around smile


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The problem is it shouldn't have a value="" it just needs checked="checked" or nothing, I've sorted it in FluxBB


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Hello all,

Some of you may have been wondering about the future of PunBB and the current development team following Rickard's announcement that he will not be actively involved with PunBB, at least for the time being. To cut to the chase, Neal (Smartys), Paul, Kristoffer (Jansson) and I have, with regret, decided that we are unable to continue our involvement with the development of PunBB.

We all became involved with PunBB largely because we shared Rickard's vision of the project. We were all happy to defer to his views on the future development of PunBB, especially since the project was his "baby," so to speak. Now that circumstances have changed with the inevitable shift of power within the project, we all feel that we need a degree of control over future development which is no longer possible. We all share a desire to develop software for the benefit of the community and ourselves, without commercial concerns influencing the final product. This is not a condemnation of PunBB's current owners: we simply feel that this change is necessary so that we as developers can maintain full control over the development process.

Despite this change, we are not abandoning the PunBB community. As we promised in the past, we have started our own fork of PunBB called FluxBB. We are continuing to develop the 1.3 branch of PunBB (re-branded as FluxBB) and have released a new beta version of it along with some extensions. We will also support and continue to provide security updates for the 1.2 branch of PunBB. As a part of that promise, we have released FluxBB 1.2.18, a stability update for 1.2 which fixes several known issues with 1.2.17. We hope that everyone can check out our site and that those who wish to do so will register and become a part of our new community.

EDIT: Topic moved to General Discussions as it is not an official PunBB News //Anatoly


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Do you really change permissions often enough for this to be worth doing?


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artoodetoo: As Smartys said, it will be easy to use the 1.2 search on 1.3, but apart from that, what ideas do you have for improving the 1.2 search?


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Sorry, I did understand, and I'm not sure what the answer is, but what I mean is, its not a PunBB specific problem, its just the way SQLite works if it is the case.


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I would have thought the security of the file is left up to whoever is running the server, not PunBB