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maybe there should be like a moderate topic button allowing you to check posts and with selected: delete, move like the moderator forum button dunno if this goes against keeping it simple but its a simple way of implementing that idea i think


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yeh streched can look really odd on a big moniter


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yeh i thought about just having it on the homepage but then i made it so small it fits on all the forum pages, currently working on making news in the frontpage i saw the news from a forum mod but i think i'll add a new news thing, and making a who is online thing sorta like the phpnuke one with people on the site. what i have done so far is make a menu which is generated the same way the top one is with admin button rules button etc made a login box/logout button and when you login you get redirected to the page you were on. I might make the links on the menu a mysql table and make an admin or i might leave it so you have to edit the html. if anyone has any idea/suggestions/problems please tell me big_smile


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looks nice but would it be better with a 100% table so it resizes to the browser or at least being centred


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Well if people like it and i get a nice looking homepage and menu working fully i'll post the code i added for everyone


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www.mirc-chat.net using punbb as a base and atm i am expanding it using the forum php to make my entire site basically the forum and use the forum themes/users/admin etc


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Yeh its GPL and its a game with a user community and the forum (hopefully) all linked into the game user system


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Hi i am currently developing an open soruce game and i want it to include a forum... I will probably use PunBB as i want it to be nice and simple so i can successfully integrate it with my current forum. I will of course leave your copyright in all the files and i will leave the Powered by... at the bottom. I am sure reading what you have said before that you will not mind me doing this but i just wanted to tell you... anyway hopefully sometime soon i'll be posting a link for you to see my site.

Thanks for the great forum