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is there some kind of admin panel mod that can be made for this? i would like to add these types in the admin section and let others remove and delete at there will, you know, in a text box using some sort of dillimeter to tell each from one annother, ie....
.ru | .ro | .biz
then apply the changes in an admin plugin/mod?



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i too get alot of .ru signups. its annoying!
i also get alot of email from russian spammers, wtf?

anyways, it would be great if someone could make a plugin or modification for more effective (hrmm, mabe i mean more options for...) ban control and also a check on declining .ru addresses from signing up! i would like it to ban the address that signed up with .ru too!

someone make that please! its really need for this spam problem! the other modifications work, but only so much.

i like wayback machine, but then again i dont. it was unable to get earlier designs for my sites, except for one. i went through several designs through several years, and only one was saved.  actually two were, but the secound one wasnt even readable for some reason sad


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you will also need this.
well not need it, but you get the idea, it will help a bit.  you then have to use the PUNBB syntax for your CSS, so keep that in mind too!

anyone? is this planned for 1.3? can it be added to the 1.3 plan as annother admin option?


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where is it that it says "powered by punbb" (dont have ftp open atm)... is it in the footer? cause i would like to change it... change it to say the same thing, but in a differnt way, cause that could be annother spam deter method!


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www.webhostingtalk.com will probably have alot of information.


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i have just a few posts and my database is about 1mb in size.
i think punbb is about 1mb in size - give or take.

so if you are going to have a small forum with very little posts and very little users - cause you would have about 3mb of space left.

i dont see anything wrong with that if you have a small forum. if your main forum gets larger you are SOL.
well you could transfer it to annother server later on if you know how to do that.

most all other forums will do this... i see what he is talking about now.

when you sign up at a forum it will ask for...
verify password
email address
verify email address.

then you submit.

you will then recive an email soon with a link to authenticate that your email address is valid.  there is no random password to change, its just setup with the initail submit and verified with the link sent in the email.

by going to the link in your email that the forum sent it just enables your account and you dont need to change your password cause you already choose it before you pressed submit.

i too would love this, its much easier, but then again    CAN someone find out what the links are and cause exploits?
anyways, i cant belive that punbb doesnt have this already or a mod to do this (is there?)

example of what punbb does - enter your username and info - ie timezone etc... then it sends you an email with a randomly generated password - then you login and change that password and whatever info you want in your profile - etc, a bit annoying for some.

hrm, i thought thats what punbb does? its in the admin options if im not mistaken, but give or take a little its about the same as you describe.


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i am using a few things -
this one is great!
tho it could use more features it still works great. you could even put a link in there for  people to GOOGLE the question and get the answer.

i also use captcha mod which is great - a little pain to install on the new version (of punbb) but works fine.

also bad behavior works really great too!

i would say these three together will stop at least most of the spam.

man im having a really hard hell of a time using an external css design from www.oswd.org

as far as i can tell i have to edit 3 or more files.
for one you have to edit your main.tpl, and the theme_cs.css (and theme.css)
this is sooo annoying its a pain in the arse cause punbb doesnt use what i would guess is proper css.  mabe it is, but all the themes at www.oswd.org are not the same as punbb's. alot of editing and figuring out.

can someone break it down?

i think people would like more information about your request first.
1. whats your existing page desgn look like?
2. is it a portal/cms system? if so which one?
3. are you using CSS?

you know those kinds of questions. mabe link to your current design or get a screen capture.

not that i would do this myself, but im sure others will be more willing to message you when you have that information first.


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5gigs is HUGE! unless your server doesnt have any space on it left, meaning you filled it up... then it wont work.

but punbb wont take up much.  lets just say that your database will probably be a few megabytes if you get alot of users mabe the megabytes will be in the double digits, but overall the punbb files are small.

do you know how many megabytes are in 1 gigabyte? ALOT!


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Smartys wrote:
destrugter wrote:
Smartys wrote:

mindlessoath linked you to MyPunBB, that's a free PunBB forum hosting service.

ok, i signed up with them, but how do i upload the files too the site?

You don't, all MyPunBB is is a PunBB host. You can't upload or modify files.

dont they have some mods already installed?


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those links are FTP applications. they will connect you to your webserver to upload and download via the ftp application.

jsut go here and watch the video tutorials

they should hopefully help!

honestly i dont think you can even make your own mods if you dont even know about this stuff and your new? this is just a weird post. why would you need a forum if you just dont know about it?


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thanks! hopefully this will increase the punbb userbase!


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www.flashfxp.com <---ftp application
free for 30days well worth paying for...
or try filezilla http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/
its compleatly free


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no eta available. everyone keeps asking, mabe there should be a sticky or a news post - lol, in big letters.


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mabe this will help...
if not check out www.google.com


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well, for one thing, what the heck is this site about/for? if im someone new im going to look away, i dont know what game or games this forum is about and what you are hosting? is it a clan site for a game?

if its not on the front page then at least put an about page with more information in it.


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to install punbb you should only have to make a database and upload the files to a webserver.
then run the install files and it sets up the database and you make a config.php file and upload that.

then you can make your mods or download and install other mods.

other than that version 1.3 which no one knows when it will be out nor any possible ETA, you shouldnt have much to worry about - but version 1.3 of punbb will have a new system for mods which looks like it will be alot easier to impliment mods instead of doing what we do now and editing lots of files (mabe i got it wrong).


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welll, my guess would be to check the mysql database, if it was only checked or flagged, it would be in there.  otherwise its gone!


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i saw that yesterday and installed it! great!