It sounds like a nice update.  PunBB is the only forum software I use (unless I need the extra 2MB) because it is simple.  I install the mods and such to get polls and the PM, but really it is better without them.  Plus PunBB has the best markup I've seen.

I know this isn't for request, but I think that PunBB should be served as application/xhtml+xml, because it would be the first.  I have a script for this, which also in the event that the page doesn't validate, it will default back to text/html.  I'd be happy to donate it, as I'd like to see PunBB be the first forum with real XHTML.

It works nicely in Firefox, with some usabiltiy issues as Rickard pointed out.  Note, it doesn't work in Opera 8.


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Really the new window thing is a huge usability disadvantage.  It's just a no-no. … new-window


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That is pretty nerdy. wink  I've used terminology before, but imagine something actually reading each character out. wink

I had this happen through an older bug in a past version of PunBB, through them being able to login and then using some mail plugin that emailed all your members.  Make sure that you're forum version is updated, and email an apology or something to your members. smile

I hate phpBB, and so does the rest of my staff.  I've had people complain about it, saying that we should convert.  Too bad, I like PunBB.  My website moved from a custom system to PunBB.  The custom system looked a lot like PunBB (in simplicity) from the outside, although the code was a bit messy.

Plus PunBB only has a cool user community and people to get help from, while with the custom code we were up the creak without a paddle. big_smile  Luckily I knew how my own code worked though. wink


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I would buy a shirt if it had some kind of slogan on it, not just the logo.

Personally I would buy a shirt with the PunBB logo and a slogan that said "It's what all the cool people are doing." At least it would puzzle people. wink

Maybe I'll buy a sticker and put it on my school planner (and passbook) which only the cool stickers get. wink  Like my apple one.  PunBB deserves to go there. big_smile

Maybe you should put a URL on them?  So people know where to go?


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Maybe going with some PPC program would be worth it.  Overture or Yahoo! Publisher maybe, still in beta - but it would put you on the accepted sites, which all are a bit higher than those accepted into AdSense.


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I vote for Hotscripts too.  I go there to find all sorts of scripts, it would be worth it.


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I think that $400 is probably a more reasonable goal, as you're a bit far from $900.


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Actually, when my website's open source CMS launches I'm planning on offering PunBB support packages (as the product will use PunBB for a forum).  I plan to donate 50-60% to the project.  It's a little way that I can help.

I still need to put together all of my mods, I have close to a dozen.  I have PM system way before the mod came out.  I just never thought about publishing them.


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I'm quite happy with it and I hope that when I get the release that more people will use PunBB.  Open Source is great!  (Note that Ottoman is also open source)


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Currently I run my website ( with a combination of our homegrown CMS - Ottoman, along with PunBB.  We are running a development build of the software, so the latest version for download will sadly not meet up with what we are to do.

The forums and content managment integrate so well together through Ottoman's module system.  To reach forum values for other areas of my site I use easy code like this:

{module: punbb}
<table summary="Latest updated threads on the Lowter Fourms.">
    <caption>Latest on the Lowter Forums</caption>
        <th width="45%">Subject</th>
        <th width="30%">Forum</th>
        <th width="25%">Posted</th>
    {display_latest: 10}
            <td><a href="/forums/viewtopic.php?id={thread_id}" title="Read - {thread_subject}, on the Lowter Forums">{thread_subject}</a></td>
            <td class="center"><a href="/forums/viewforum.php?id={thread_parent_id}" title="Visist the {thread_parent_name} forum at the Lowter Forums">{thread_parent_name}</a></td>
            <td class="center">{thread_posted}</td>

Of course this takes into account our table structure to display the latest threads, but it works very well.

We are still working on Ottoman v2.  It should release before the end of the year, and about a month later a release with PunBB built in.  It may just be a module too, which works well anyways.  As at Lowter we are all anti-phpBB I refuse to offer a module for it. ;)


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I'm American so I am very use to the Imperial system and I will never ever support moving away from it.  It is quite easy to figure out and we really only use inches, feet, yards, and miles.  I measure weight in pounds, and volume in ounces.  We do have 2-liters of soda, which is now universally recognized.

As for time I think that 1:00 PM and 1:00 AM make way more sense, since our clocks only have twelve figures.  Unless you want to try and divide that into 24 numbers, which will be impossible to read and mess up with the way we read clocks now.

US dates aren't hard to figure out.  I usually write out dates (e.g. September 27, 2005), which some go short (9/27/05).  The short one is a bit harder to understand, but just remember how confusing it is to see 27/9/05.  I never knew there were 29 months! tongue


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Now it just says "hej" or "hello."  Wierd?


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After I get a few subscription payments for ads on my website I'll see if I can push forth a little bit more money. smile


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Not too much really, but I donated $5.  If I had a bit more leeyway on spending I'd try to give more.  Good luck with the fundraising. big_smile

I'll post this on my website to see if other PunBB fans I've created (lol) will donate any.


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I'm an avid Opera user, and I couldn't live without it. big_smile

I'd like to see a sort of Karma system, slightly different form the money thing.  I don't think that waiting around will help.  I'll just have to do it myself. big_smile


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I'll third that.  I've been using PunBB for close to six months with no regrets.

I would try addding more padding for menu areas and such and position things more in the center of objects rather than toward the bottom.  Some line or such between each forum would be nice too.  An affect other than that of a color change for the links, as what about people who are colorblind?


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Thanks.  That seemed to do the trick.  Everything is running quite smoothly now.


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I keep on getting this error:

Error: Unable to write configuration cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.

I know that /cache is 777, so why isn't it working?  Any ideas?  It seems quite odd.


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Well no luck now!  Some idiot hacked my forum (not sure how) put it in maintence mode, deleted all the admins (along with all the post and topics we made), and left.  I've restored what I could, but I've lost hundreds of posts.


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I'm currently running PunBB 1.2 and I've encountered a wierd security error.  What happens is peole will signup and be put as administrators.  I've talked with them all on MSN and they seem to have nothing to do with it, at least that's what I assumed.

Is this is a known issue? or maybe they're doing SQL injections?  If so I can update my PunBB to the latest version.  The only issue that I have is that a few tweaks in the system to just fix a few things.  But I'd rather redo these over having this security issue.