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A better way is to open manifest.xml and change the maxtestedon to 1.4.4.


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Hi all is PunBB compatibel with php 7?
Is there any work done so as to make it so?

Visman wrote:
colak wrote:

Fancy stop spam works wonders.

Only 1.3.x/1.4.x versions.

Time to update!

Fancy stop spam works wonders.

PanBB.Ru wrote:

is free

colak, Is Free Trial!
How can it help?

They actually do give it for free for open source projects. The idea is for punBB to ask for it, add the strings of both the forum software and the plugins and then ask the community to contribute in the translations.

Over at textpattern we use crowdin which is free for open source projects.


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under the thread, on the right, there is a "Stick topic" link.

I don't think usernames should be allowed to change that easily. It's confusing for members of large forum communities.

Tobisco29 wrote:

I change forum url to fancy url in admin settings now i can it even open any forum or even login to admin mode...Solution is needed. Please help.

Do you have the .htaccess file in your server?


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paulcambull wrote:

Something else I am trying to do is create a 'new post' feed for a sidebar in my forums. I've looked at the Punbb guide on how to do this but it is kind of vague in its interpretation.

Is there a simple way to do this?

Hi Paul,

You could add

<!-- forum_include "http://yourforum.tld/extern-1.php" -->

in yourforum.tld/include/template/maintenance.tpl


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I just thought I should add... Is there a strong reason this should not become part of the puBB vanilla code?


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It would be good to specify the minimum specs for this plugin and punBB

I could not make either work on
PHP version: 5.3.29
but everything works just fine on
PHP version: 5.4.45


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I missed this one. Does it also work on punBB 1.4.4?


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I am trying to add a couple of html tags to the BBCode. Based on previous versions of punBB I created the manifest.xml file below but the tags do not seem to be parsing and they still appear in their square brackets in the posts. Does anyone have an idea as to what I am doing wrong?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE extension SYSTEM "ext-1.0.dtd">

 * BBCode [del][/del] extension for PunBB forum
 * A new BBcode tag to del text.
 * @author NeMe - http://www.neme.org
 * @license GPL - http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
 * @package pun_bbcode_del

<extension engine="1.0">
<title>BBCode [del][/del]</title>
<description>BBcode tags to delete out text, insert text and add horizontal rules.</description>
<author>NeMe - http://www.neme.org</author>

<hook id="ps_start"><![CDATA[

// tag handling function
function handle_del_tag($inputText) {
return '<del>'.$inputText.'</del>';


<hook id="ps_preparse_tags_start"><![CDATA[

// add our tag to the list
$tags[] = 'del';
$tags_opened[] = 'del';
$tags_closed[] = 'del';
$tags_inline[] = 'del';
$tags_trim[] = 'del';


<hook id="ps_do_bbcode_replace">


$pattern[] = '#\[hr /\]#i';
$replace[] = '</p><hr/><p>';
// add pattern to catch [del]blahblah[/del]
$pattern[] = '#\[del\](.*?)\[/del\]#se';
$replace[] = 'handle_del_tag(\'$1\')';


ps. This is the error I get: Warning: preg_replace_callback() [function.preg-replace-callback]: Modifier /e cannot be used with replacement callback in /path/to/my/forum/include/parser.php on line 811

In textpattern we use

<?php echo file_get_contents('http://url-of-forum.tld/extern-1.php'); ?>

to parse links to the latest posts in the forum.

Autofill is in your browser settings


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ollyno1uk wrote:

Hi there

Not sure if this is still being supported but I recently upgraded to 1.4.2 and now I am getting inundated with spam. I tried installing this - no problem. However when I click the antispam in the settings I get that the page cannot be be found. I checked the path and admin.php is present but yet I still ge this 404 error.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot




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Slavok wrote:

This is a first release of new extension pun_stop_bots. The extension will ask some questions to prevent bot registration and posting. More information you can find in the Wiki. There are only two questions in the DB after installation, so don't forget to add more questions.

It will be great to hear your opinions and suggestions on improvement of the extension.

Is there a reason that none of the links to the plugin work? Is this plugin actually working with punBB 1.4.4?


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OK:) The problem seems to have sorted itself out but I now see another one. In the downloaded folder found on http://punbb.informer.com/ - actual url, http://punbb.informer.com/download/punbb-1.4.4.zip, the admin folder does not contain any styles and the administration side of the forum appears unstyled. I found the css by checking the source code here but I think that the issue needs to be addressed. I am also checking other minor problems which I will report here.


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Hi Visman, I can verify that new members can register too. The problem remains with the over 120 existing ones who can not login as the system returns the following error:

Warning! The following errors must be corrected before you can login:
Incorrect username and/or password.

Would this have something to do with the passwords in the db?


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I temporarily copied the forum  on another url with higher versions of php and mysql on http://bit.ly/1ToCJlc

PHP version: 5.6.14
MySQL: 5.5.32-cll-lve

The error persists.


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Visman wrote:

My local test forum in


and config have

$base_url = 'http://localhost/punbb';

if delete $base_url in config, to url of the server is defined automatically.

P.S. Give the reference to forum with your problem.

Hi Visman, thanks again. The forum is a private one with about 120 members. The owners unfortunately want to keep it such way.


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Hi Visman, firstly, many thanks for your suggestions which unfortunately did not get me anywhere yet.

Looking at the config.php file I see a difference from the old one:

$base_url = 'http://domain.tld/forum'

. When I commented that line out I get the following error message:

Warning! The following errors must be corrected before you can login:
Incorrect username and/or password.

With the line in action when trying to login, nothing happens. Would this be giving some clues as to what I might be facing?


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Visman wrote:

I create TestUser. Login, logout, login - all OK.
P.S. Delete the cookies in your browser. Сlear your browser cache.

I did both. I also used another browser and the problem remains both for me and all the members who are all locked out from the forum just now. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the server specs. Can a dev advice on this?


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Hi Visman, There are no relevant errors recorded  in the logs.