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Jérémie wrote:
Smartys wrote:

Because it would very much go against the PunBB idea of being fast, small, and simple. And as Bekko said, some browsers don't support it, some users don't use Javascript, etc. Extensions are certainly free to implement AJAX-ish features, but I doubt we'll see them in the core.

On some cases, AJAX is lighter and faster than pure HTML (which one has to have, to degrade gracefully).

One Pun example on the top of my head is item sorting: when you reorganize your forum, it would be faster to just click and drop forums in the correct order than to input sorting key by hand, one by one.

Ok that one is not something done everyday so a full ajax framework written just for that isn't probably a good idea,  but you get my point. AJAX is not, by itself, automatically slower smile

Why overdo it. Use javascript to reorder items, fine, but leave the save button. This wouldn't require AJAX.


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The update script will not remove extra tables.


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A lot of code has been rewritten, added or optimised, yes. But nothing in the fundamental design has been changed. PunBB still works in the same way it always has. The aim, or philosophy if you want, of 1.3 is the same as for 1.2.

At the end of the day the only thing that differs the two versions is code. And that is not enough to jump a major version, imo.

It's supposed to only display one note of each type and ignore the rest.

Rickard wrote:

Yes, but I believe ClearType is enabled by default in Vista?

Yeah, seems to be the case. At least for my installs.

loader.php is the devil! tongue

PunRes will be ready when 1.3 is, currently, it's not smile

PunRes is aimed at the end-user of 1.3, or at least that's the direction we're heading. 1.3 right now is for developers and testers.

There are no docs as they'd probably be outdated by the time of 1.3 final.


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Well it says planned enhancements which means it will be all the good things about 1.2 plus the stuff mentioned for 1.3 smile


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Easiest way to download the latest revision is to visit:


And clicking the "Zip Archive" link in the footer.


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To prevent accidental overwriting of extension-only variables we will be promoting the a certain use of variable names: $ext_<extension id>_<variable name>

PunXS is utilizing winforms and a few customesed controllers that I don't know if other window api's currently can accomplish. Though I haven't done any reasearch. A future migration is pretty likely though since there seems to be quite a lot of interest for it.

PunXS is indeed one way of working with extensions. I'm currently putting all my spare time into releasing an alpha some time very soon.

However, PunXS won't be for everyone, it's .NET 2.0. Though works is being made on a web based extension editor. Not by me though so I can't tell you much about it.


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SuperMAG wrote:

what is hooks ?

More info about the extension system can be found in our blog or by searching these forums.


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He's one of our russian friends helping out smile


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Dr.Jeckyl wrote:

We'll see... But your talent group is way beyond what these were intended for. wink

Well yeah, but I just like having a voice telling me what's happening, and I think there's others like me smile


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I still have a christmas star lamp in my window smile


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I'd say the first one even though it looks like something grabbed out of win95 tongue

Headers are scheduled afaik for 1.3 final. Won't be in the first beta though.

In the case of google, just use the google cache version and you'll be alright smile


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How about adding some narration? I kind of lose track when there's only video to look at smile


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The use of quotation marks is supported in 1.3 with MySQL.


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No CMS, it will be a specialized/home made page for all I know.


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I don't really get it. I can't wrap my head around the idea that the future of a company owned GPL project would be any different from a individually owned GPL project. If the developers decides to call it quits, that would happen regardless of who owns the copyright. And the result would be the exact same thing, someone else can take over where the others left.

Now, don't take this as a hint of every dev jumping the boat, that's just something everyone seems to assume lately. I'm going back to work on PunXS now tongue


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Gotipe wrote:

Just a small question. If the company wanted to make money of PunBB, could they then force those that already have it to pay or is it just that if you want a new version, you would have to pay? hmm

No, every PunBB version ever release up until now are guaranteed to be free forever.